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Thread: What simple things make you happy?

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    It would make me happy if I could maintain my @#%* connection to the @#%* internet! I think my modem is dying. I have to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in and then logging back on.

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    reality tv addict
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    Feb 2006
    parents with their little kids/babies

    beautiful scenery

    christmas decorations in the winter time

    making your loved ones laugh, feel better, or smile
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    You know what makes me happy? FORT! I've dabbled in other forums since my husband left us, and there are some mean goats out there. I love it here, you guys are nice, and supportive, and it's a safe place to come (and well moderated!!).

    My other thing that makes me happy today is listening to my son. He's six, and often when he's playing with his cars or Lego or whatever, he's singing a little song that narrates the play. I love that, it's so cheery. He's such a good guy.

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    FORT Fogey misskitty's Avatar
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    Leftovers that taste better than the day I cooked them. YUMMEEE
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    I love that our favorite ice cream shop is open again after being closed for the winter, and Walmart has started setting up the area for spring planting. Just a couple of signs that Spring is almost here!

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    I love that my local store has started carrying my favorite margarine again. They stopped stocking it for awhile, and when I saw it on the shelves last week I bought 3 tubs and I was grinning all day long! Over margarine.

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    Watching my husband vacuum while I sit on my butt! It's usually the other way around!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    the other night it was a full moon and my 7 year old and I were driving home from her swimming lesson. We started making up stories about the clouds surrounding the moon - at one point it looked like a dinosaur was eating the moon and then the moon was running away. We made up all sorts of stories.

    It was so innocent and pure - just put a smile on my face.

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    My ice cream card at Coldstone is full = free ice cream I've waited all winter for it to feel like ice cream weather so I can "cash in" my card.

    The willow trees outside my bedroom window are starting to green up for Spring. Soon, I'll be able to keep my blinds open and no one will be able to see in. I love having my beautiful green, leafy curtain instead of boring blinds!

    I'm painting my dining room and kitchen a beautiful, buttery, honey yellow. Just being in a room that color makes me happy.
    Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' - Isaac Asimov

    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    When someone says "Thankyou" when you help them, we hardly ever hear that.

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