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Thread: What simple things make you happy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    My Daisy Girl Scouts. They continually amaze me with their sincerity and joy. Being a troop leader is a lot of paperwork hassle, but it's worth every moment of inconvenience to be there when they discover the fun of singing with a hundred other girls their age.
    Well you managed to make me just sigh so loud. I LOVED my Daisy Scouts, they are so wonderful at that age. I was a troop leader for 5 years up to Junior level. So much fun, so much paperwork and don't mention cookie sale nightmares. But the reward is wonderful.

    I have girls that are now 14-16 years old stop me in the store to say hello and thank me for being their leader when they were 7.

    That really is a simple pleasure to hear that.
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    The fact that it is finally Friday and the week from hell is finally over.

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    myrosiedog, I love getting some of my mail too; I only get a rare personal letter, but I'm always ordering travel brochures and stuff that I love to look at. Along the same line I like putting a few bucks in my piggy bank to save for my vacation.

    On another note, I love the way I feel when I come home from my filthy job and get all cleaned up!
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    Just being able to sit here and watch Mona & Joey breathe as they sleep, after breakfast.
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    My simple pleasure is finding a food combination that is really delicious and good for you. My lunch was just non-fat cottage cheese with tofu mixed in for protein, with tomatoes and sunflower seeds and a wee bit of non-fat italian dressing. Yum and no guilt.
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    Opening the TV Guide and finding out that the new (for us across the pond, anyway) season of Gilmore Girls premiers tonight, just weeks after the season four finale. Aaand, the season premiere is directly followed by Desperate Housewives Two hours of great television to balance up a long, dreary day. Yay!
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    When my b/f asks me if I've heard "such and such's new song". That means, he thinks it somewhat relates to our relationship, we have a "new song" to add to our little collection, and he wouldn't mind two stepping to it if we hear when we are out dancing. We have about 4 or 5 songs now.

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    Seeing Gracie do a perfect yawn and scary Halloween stretch when she first wakes up, and then seeing Mr. Tootles do a perfect downward dog stretch at the same time.
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    My husband just surprised me by showing up with lunch...my favorite pizza from our little local Italian joint! He rarely comes home for lunch since it's a 40 minute drive. Today, he needed a file he forgot for a presentation this afternoon. Even though he didn't come home just to see me, bringing lunch was pretty thoughtful!
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    I'll be heading home soon and I know that Finley (my avatar) will greet me by zooming out of the cat door, racing up the apple tree, climbing out onto the very narrowest of the branches overhanging the bike shed door and waiting for me to take care of putting the bike away, at which point he will scamper down the tree and come over for a shnug and a purr. I'm getting all smiley just thinking about my chubby little teddy bear.
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