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Thread: What simple things make you happy?

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jun 2003
    baking I do it all the time and it is a good way to get out stress (which I have a lot of) and eating something that I made makes me feel accomplished. Also, it is cool because I want to be a pastry chef, so it is good practice.

    When I am crying and my cat comes and licks off the tears..

    A frosty mug full of A+W root beer mmmm

    When I wake up and my cat it snuggled up next to me

    When I improve on a mile time or score a goal in field hockey and whatnot like that.

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    So Far Away Yellow Apple's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I feel like such a cold bastard now. I don't like kids or flowers or anything. Just put me in my room with my computer, PS2, TV and DVD player and give me a steady supply of adult beverages and computer games. Even the bad ones I can use as coasters.
    R.I.P Willie Dog (?/?/1989-12/17/2004). Gone but never forgotten.

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    Fade to black
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    Mar 2003
    Hugs. I love hugs.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    would rather be cruising! marybethp's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Watching my daughter get joy out of something simple. Like the other day when she thought the best and most fun thing in the world was jumping in a puddle. I didn't care we were full of mud. It was fun.

    And dvm - I found $21 last night in my capris that I wore the other day. I had no idea I even had that $21. I love that!

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    Queen Chloe Harmoj's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Oh Go Away
    Waking up on Saturday morning early, and then realizing I can go back to sleep. Along that note... getting my husband up in the morning. He's so cute when he's sleepy.

    Tallulahbaby, Boston's do smile. I've seen it myself.

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    ~*Perfect Princess*~ Blazingorchidlv's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas (Lost Wages, Sin City)
    Sadly enough...I am amused by all the small things in life. Like...honestly..anything. But what can REALLY make me smile..is my friend Steve. He's so adorable. The other day I was mad at him..and he just kept going on and on about nothing. I eventually just had to laugh because he was making no sense! And he told me this joke his 4 year old nephew told him. Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shell station. And he was SO proud of this joke. He is practically the ONLY person who can make me smile when I'm mad. And he doesnt even have to DO anything.

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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Sunset Blvd
    I agree with you DVM, with hearing a fave song on the radio...that makes me smile too.

    Watching my husband surf makes me smiley

    Just crossing the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge....so beautiful..makes me so happy.

    babies...i go crazy for babies...

    Coco Magdalena made her debut Sept 2, 2006 7lbs 1oz!!!

    "Daddy warned me about Men and Booze, but didn't say anything about Women and Cocaine" - Tallulah Bankhead

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    I want more jules77's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Bee Cee
    I love it when my rowdy,stubborn,tantrum-throwing 3 year old Joey crawls into my bed in the early morning and weaves his little arms around my neck.It always reminds me that he's still just a little guy.Oh,and coming home from work at 9:30pm and the kitchen is clean.That makes me really happy.
    FANTASIZE!!!!!! It's better than the real thing.

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    FORT Fan
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    Jun 2003
    Live in Iowa, but born a Yooper
    I discovered long ago it is the simple things that make me happy.

    The swish swish sound of skates on the ice (and if it's Henrik Zetterberg on a breakaway...so much the better)

    Kissing with snowflakes falling all around.

    Laying out in the yard on a summer night watching the stars.

    An Arlo Guthrie folk song ...so simple and silly.


    Music that brings back memories of another time when life was simpler and less complicated..."Wild Thing....you make my heart sing".

    Picking up the phone and hearing a certain someone's voice on the other end...knowing that before I hang up...I will have laughed.

    The first bite of a Congress pizza....mmmmmm.

    Getting an email joke...from my Dad.

    Laying in the arms of my husband.

    Hearing "Gentlemen ...start your engines."

    Having my daughters call me...just to talk.

    Spending time with my sister.

    Looking at old photgraphs with my mother and listening to all the stories that go with them.

    A good book.

    Hearing "I love you Grandma".

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    Peeking In Duxxy's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Watching my husband and daughter playing.

    Hearing my daughter belly laugh and knowing life cant get any better. (small children laugh about 300 times a day on average)

    Evesdropping on a conversation between two 4 yr olds, one explaining to the other that he can't feed his new cousin because his Auntie feeds the baby with her body.

    Tall glass of chocolate milk that is so cold it has small ice particles floating in it.

    My husband telling me today that I've had a long week and he is taking us out for supper.

    Seeing my daycare kids run full out and be enveloped in their parents arms, unable to wait to tell their parent about their day and show off their art work.

    The last time I close the door and wave goodbye on Friday evening, knowing that I have 2 days all to myself.

    The last homemade chocolate chip cookie.... Eating it infront of my husband while he begs for a bite LOL
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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