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Thread: Where were you when the lights went out??

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    Thankfully I had a bad headache and came home early. I had just walked in the door and sat down when the power went out. Luckily for us the kids were at my parents still and they had power. So we had a nice quiet night of candle light, warm wine, canned oysters and crackers and star gazing. It was super hot that night and the next day. My husband is very proud of himself, we had a ton of bottled water, tons of batteries, tons of food...the only problem is the lock stuck on the garage door where the generator was so he had to break in the garage. It was hot and all we did was listen to the radio and nap. We got power back about 7pm on Friday night...we still have to boil water or use bottled.
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    I was at work, on the phone to my boss and his cell phone cut out. Not an exciting story, but the drive home was hell, with no streetlights. Fortunately, CBC Radio filled me in on the situation so I felt a little more patient knowing there was nothing I could do.

    My friend, who lives in Toronto, got stuck in the subway. The train was almost at her stop so she was only stuck for about an hour or so.

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    Something positive for me re: the blackout

    With my car breaking down and having to get towed 2x in 2 weeks, I forgot about the due date for tuition. It was due Monday. When I remembered the office was closed. There is a flat $500.00 fee for late payments. I called on Tuesday and the deadline was extended for one extra day.

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