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Thread: Crush Central: Pining Away

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpayroll
    Actually I've been on the Internet since 1993, and this is the first time I've gotten to know people really well. Very friendly here at The Fort. Actually on my first day here, Missin Dave pm'd me and that's like the first pm I'd ever gotten.

    My first thought was, why is a guy pm'ng me and saying I'm cool. Then I found it she was 14 and I was surprised she pm'd me, cause I don't hide my age (42). We had some good discussions about parents and friends and I would like to think I came across as a wise, very very older brother

    Kind of like the relationship I have with my 3 close friends here. Since I am only child (don't get me started on the evils of that!), and I've never had the friendships and fights with a brother or sister. I tell you, it screws you up, man!

    Though I do miss Missin Dave and her wonderful energy and topics here at The Fort.

    I've made some friends and burnt some bridges (ironally with the same person). Its easy to get carried away. thats part of the allure of the internet. I won't reveal names because I'm a gentleman, but I've met quite a few kind souls or all ages and both genders here.

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    I just read the first couple of pages of this thread and it reminds me of why I joined FORT the first place; there are many nice people here as opposed to some of the other boards. As for me, I've had my share of crushes over the years, but the furthest it has usually gone with any of these girls is friends. It's too bad, because most of them were very nice, but usually involved with someone. The ones I have wound up with (not the crushes), there is usually some type of "psycho" component going on. Usually I have a hard time getting something started relationshipwise, although I am usually pretty assertive in other facets of my life. Getting burned will do that to you, too bad I hadn't met any of the fine FORT ladies at those times and maybe none of that would have happened.
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    Awww, you think we're fine?
    I have to agree with you, brusch, other forums are horrible compared to the friendliness here. I was on the COS forums and it was not a pleasant experience, let me tell you. Even if I am the youngest person here, I feel welcomed. But this is turning into a rant so I have to stop.

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    At the risk of sounding cold, I don't need anymore friends... but I DO need a girlfriend.

    brusch pretty much said it all. That's almost word for word what how my "relationships" with girls have gone. The good ones are taken or not interested (or too far away), and the ones I do end up trying to start something with are just not right.
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