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Thread: Member Poetry, Submissions and criticism

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    Member Poetry, Submissions and criticism

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am an avid reader and writer of poetry. I have to say in all honesty, I was awakened this morning by a poem in my head, that wouldn't get out of my head unless i wrote it down.

    So if anyone else has similar Interests, please join me here.

    I Guess I'll start with my own. It sounds bad but really is not so bad.... Thoughts?

    I'm calling this 'On the edge of nothingness'
    (With apologies to Trent Reznor)
    I hurt myself today
    to know that i'm still real
    the pain focuses me
    To see whom i really am

    The pain becomes cathartic
    Catharsis disappears
    But not without the feeling
    Of knowing who I am.

    On the edge of nothingness
    We untimately understand
    The meaning of it all
    Then we start to heal

    The pain is nothing really
    a catalyst for change.
    So while we look for joy in life
    We also seek the hurt.

    -senrik 8/8/2003

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    Ok before anyone gets depressed, the poem is about how pain, like it or not helps us...

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    Where is Everybody?

    Where is everybody
    Eyes and minds looking elsewhere
    seeing small slices of life
    But thinking thats all there is

    Where is everybody?
    I'm searching everywhere
    For signs of life
    and a friendly face.

    Where is everybody?
    Are they lost in their worlds?
    What is left for us
    if we ignore whats before us?

    Where is everybody?
    Where am I for that matter?
    Or am I just as lost
    as those I see around me?

    ~senrik 8/8/2003

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    Life's a journey, not a destination.

    life's a journey, not a destination
    As an acorn yearns to be a tree.
    But a tree never takes a final form
    Dropping leaves and branches
    and death and renewal rebuild it.

    Where are we going in our lives
    are we preparing for the destination,
    or simply packing for the journey.
    Why waste time worrying about it
    that elusive goal just out of reach
    Life is a journey, not a destination
    Pack lightly,.... and enjoy the trip

    ~senrik 8/8/2003

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    "A husband's lament"

    Paying the bills
    Making sure the car's OK
    Piling more hours at work seems to
    ease th money problems.
    Facing tight deadlines
    Eating right and excercise will keep us healthy,
    but our wifes will still outlive us
    More hours at work, more stress
    Buy, build and rebilding the home.
    Wake at dawn and work until you drop.
    and have enough for the wife and kids.

    WIFE AND KIDS???? I forgot.
    Where did my children go?
    they've all grown up without you.
    but you did your best, you tried.

    ~senrik 8/8/2003

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    Where Ricky Martin Can't Find Me
    I took a trip a while ago
    With some of my corhorts
    And as I got there, we realized
    I didn't pack my shorts.

    It couldn't be all THAT bad,
    I thought with waning glee
    But there was always something else...
    I forgot pants, you see.

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    Ok before I post this. Although this feels like a love poem, it really is not. Diana is the roman god of the hunt, sometimes attributed to the moon. All you Diana's out there, relax, I'm not wooing you)

    the poem is about ambition.

    Dear sweet Diana (the moon)

    Dear sweet Diana (the moon)
    I see your chariot across the heavens
    and I wonder, are you lonely?

    You are always out there, looking for me.
    but I'm so smal down here.
    You go looking high and low,
    looking everywhere every month
    But I'm here waiting for you
    Let me bask in your moonlight
    and reach out to touch you

    Someday, when you are not looking
    I'll be there, searching for you.

    ~senrik 8/8/2003
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    What is God?

    What is god?
    To me it is creation
    And I have a funny relationship with him.
    he's always waking me up to write things down
    Like a dictation secretary.

    What is god?
    I ask women who really know
    Since its in their nature to create
    If god is creation,
    then they are the high priestesses

    What is god?
    and how do we worship?
    if god is creation then the best we can do....
    ... is create.

    ~senrik 8/8/2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by boredouttamind
    I took a trip a while ago
    With some of my corhorts
    And as I got there, we realized
    I didn't pack my shorts.

    It couldn't be all THAT bad,
    I thought with waning glee
    But there was always something else...
    I forgot pants, you see.
    nice... quite witty.

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    Nice poetry Senrik, I'm always a fan of anyone who is brazen enough to reveal themselves to people via the written word.

    There is a my art thread where a large number of people (including myself) shared such type of things. Perhaps you could join in there?

    My Art
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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