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Thread: Member Poetry, Submissions and criticism

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    Another Poem

    ♥Could you♥
    Could you hear my words or see my cold breath
    Could you take me in your arms, till I am warm
    My body is shivering with coldness and fright
    Shivering with the coldness of the night
    Could you once again tell me your secrets
    Tell me how much you care and whisper in my ear
    Could you say the things I hold so dear
    Tell me that you are here for me
    I wish I could see your bright smiling face
    I wish I could make you see
    Could you have told them you couldn't go
    Could you have told them you had one more thing to do
    You were too young to go, too young to be taken away from me
    If you had told them I may not be crying so many sad tears
    Could you have told them how much I needed you
    Could you have told them how much I loved you
    What will I do without you what will my life be like
    Before you go could you please give me one last kiss goodbye
    Let me hear your heart beat one last time

    Kimberly A Heinen

    Copyright 2003 Kimberly A Heinen

    this is my one published poem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazingorchidlv
    ♥Could you♥
    this is my one published poem.
    Very nice. I felt like I could feel it inside of me. Its a nice warm feeling too.

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    None of the ones I have here are published, they are mostly works in progress

    The secret admirer

    I've seen you from a distance
    Quietly gazing out at you
    I've sought you for quite some time
    Watching as you pass
    Admiring you from afar
    Sharing your joys, and fears
    But never saying a word.
    Sometimes there are no words
    To show you how I feel
    And now I have but one
    ... Yes.

    ~senrik 8/9/2003

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    They say what were doing is wrong
    That we should not be one
    Because we come different paths
    From the corners of the globe

    I don't care about that, we're free
    to define how we want to live
    Live in mine, or in yours,
    Or a culture we decide for ourselves
    Were both young and single
    And open in our minds
    So who cares what they say
    Let them close their eyes.

    As i lay me down to sleep
    You warm and gentle in my arms
    We can forget the world
    And be, at last together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazingorchidlv
    I hold you close to my heart

    Just so I can push you away

    I tell you my thoughts

    Just to watch you squirm

    I look into your eyes

    Just to try to understand you

    I look deep into your soul

    Just to look away with fear

    I will never understand you

    Just because I don't try

    I will never again feel the gentleness of your touch

    Just because I was too stupid to see

    I will never taste your sweet lips again

    Just because I was to naive to listen

    I will never again be close to you

    Just because I never really cared

    This is my most recent poem I wrote a couple weeks ago.

    Very interesting, Reminds me of a poem i grew in my early 20's. I understand it, about how funny things people do to one another. actually reminds me of an ex of mine...

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    Tomorrow, I will merge this thread into the "My Art" thread, which is where people have been posting their creative stuff for the last couple of months. No need for a separate thread...

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