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Thread: You know you're reality TV stalker if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Cutie

    And holy crap! How do you have so many posts, senrik?

    I haven't gotten a tat of a fav reality person, yet. Hmmm...I've pretty much stuck to the threads that were designated for my fav reality person, unless they were being talked about in other ones. Then I was all over it, hehe.
    I've been hiding in the LCS Forum. I just have a big mouth.

    You know you are a reality TV Stalker when you have over thousand posts in a month. (and a full PM box) Thats me.

    ... when you invent threads just to give yourself something to talk abt.
    ... when you have more posts than that previous person that runs around various threads rooting for their person, and no one care's because they have a Hot Av. and in half the time.
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