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Thread: Sig lines

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    Currently - the Euro 2004 list of teams playings before the semi's! THe bold ones are the one's i'm rooting for (however may change over time)

    Euro 2004

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    AR Boy
    like mine?

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    Cos' mrcorkles said something funny

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    Not caring is fun! Matt64's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    A long time ago, there was a man named Sid Meier who created many computer games. And behold, Sid Meier did create "Civilization", and it was good.

    I was sitting around thinking of old computer games one day and I remembered Civ and how it cracked me up every time Gandhi would threaten my civ with nuclear weapons. Gandhi, the ultimate pacifist, using bullying tactics... not to mention those little glasses he always wore to go with that robe and 'stache.
    I was meaning to actually send you a message about that. The minute I read the quote, I remembered laughing at Gandhi's threats. My friend and I used to play that game ALL the time, and we'd crack up when Gandhi would threaten us, and I always loved laughing at Montezuma.. threatening to get revenge..

    My sig is from Buffy. It was the funniest thing evil vampire Willow said.. My other favorite line is from good Willow looking at Evil Willow and saying "I think I'm kinda gay." But.. I say "Bored Now.." a lot IRL, so I figured I'd use it as my sig.

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    Well, since I had some comments about my avatar disturbing some people around this site, for its dangerously hypnotic effects, I've decided to not take any chances and publish a warning for it.

    Caution: The avatar seen to the left of this post can sometimes lead to dangerous side-effects which can include, but are not limited to, becoming hypnotized, waving your arms, unibrow-love, and being hungry for donuts. View at your own peril

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    Im just not that into you AmandaFabulous's Avatar
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    Planet Me
    there's my favorite av girl....and I'm not at work...I can nod freely.

    ETA: Silv - just know that I'm sitting here right now with my head going side to side.
    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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    I need a good sig line -- I'm just not very creative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy
    I need a good sig line -- I'm just not very creative.
    How about "For the jewels of life, come seek Jewelsy" ?

    Ah, I know, it sounded lame.

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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    I love Tallulah Bankhead, for her unconventional ways, forwardness, not making apologies for who she was or what she did. This sig is soooo her. SHe loved men and she love women. BUt she loved her Booze more!
    This sig reminds me of the Roaring twenties and of the early 30's in Berlin.
    Coco Magdalena made her debut Sept 2, 2006 7lbs 1oz!!!

    "Daddy warned me about Men and Booze, but didn't say anything about Women and Cocaine" - Tallulah Bankhead

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    Will don't have any fun. madbanana's Avatar
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    My sig line is a quote i found....I really really liked it and found it insporational in a way
    it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart

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