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Thread: If you won the lottery.....

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    a jumble of useless facts gracie's Avatar
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    If I won the lottery it would be the basic pay off bills, my own and my kids, remodel my house (I like where I live), buy a house at the beach and keep my mother and my father-in-law comfortable for the rest of their days. The rest would be socked away for the little things like travel, travel, travel. I think I would go on my own Amazing Race (without the roadblocks and detours of course) and travel the world. There are a lot of places they have been on TAR that look really interesting and I'd have the time to really see them.
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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    right behind you
    but gracie.... you could do the FUN roadblocks and detours There have been some.... right???
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    FORT Fogey
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    First I would buy a house in Hawaii for my parents and then I would give my brother some money. I would give A LOT to charity, like one for breast cancer or some other disease (or maybe the Bubel foundation that Clay made??) And then for me I would buy a car, a nice computer and TV. Then I would go on a CRAZY shopping spree because my mom doesn't think I need more than like 8 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts...Then I would put the rest in savings for college or something like that.

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    Here's the list of things I'd do:

    1. Buy a new hourse for my parents (or at least renovate our current one) and maybe get a condo unit close to my university for myself.

    2. Get myself a new car, or maybe a used BMW (the price would be about the same).

    3. Buy a computer from Alienware to absolutely destory every benchmark out there. Yes, I'm a .

    4. Add to my reading library quite a bit. Most of them are non-fiction stuff that in all likelihood I would be the only one reading.

    5. I'd invest the rest in fairly high-yield stuff. I'd use the interest to do some travelling.

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    Hypermediocrity Amanda's Avatar
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    We're going on the assumption that I'm winning a huge jackpot, right? Okay...
    1. Usual boring thingies: pay off law school loans and miscellaneous bills, buy the top couple of floors of one of the downtown buildings on the lake, pay off family mortgages, etc.
    2. Fund hovercraft research. Once a working model was constructed, blow up the lab. If too many people get them, my whole plan is ruined.
    3. Buy TBS and force them to stop playing "Saved By the Bell" fourteen times a day. Pay extra if they agree to destroy all copies (and original) of Saved By the Bell movies.
    4. Pay Jerry Springer to leave Chicago and go very very very far away, never to be seen or heard from again.
    5. Do the same with various other public figures (who shall not be named here in the interest of not pissing anyone off).
    6. Go after spammers with a fury unparalleled in human history.
    7. Buy an island and never have to deal with anyone ever again, unless I choose to do so.
    8. Buy a monkey. Did you guys see TAR last night? Before I die, I must have an orangutan.
    9. Buy off some politicians so that a bill could be passed banning anything I deemed ban-worthy.
    10. Go back to school. Seriously. Especially since I'd now be rich enough to buy my way into Harvard or Yale or Oxford or somewhere decent.

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    So Far Away Yellow Apple's Avatar
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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I'd be rich.
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    if my family won the lottery, my dad wouldn't have to look for a job anymore, we could get the pool he wants, give some to family, go shopping!, put it in my sister and i's college fund thingys, and i guess put the rest in the bank or wherever, and my mom wouldn't have to work anymore!! and of course give some to charities!!! isn' that the life? aaahhhhhhh! if only....

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    If I won enough money for us to be stable and secure, I'd quit my job and set up an office at home where I could work on "my novel."
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    I agree with a lot of people here (and yes, I meant an astronomical, stupid-huge jackpot)

    1. I think I’d do a lot of what Amanda wants, i.e. buy politicians, make things run my way, buy off celebrities I can’t stand (again, unmentioned so as not to offend) and send them to other galaxies
    2. Enormous house on a huge farm (for the views, but someone else would work it, I would just enjoy the scenery of it)
    3. House would have an enormous art studio, office, library
    4. I’d work on my novel, too, just like Paulie
    5. Renovate my parent’s home and buy them a new home, or several in various parts of the country
    6. I want to have an enormous party for adults only, no children, where I rent all the things kids usually get to go on but adults don’t, i.e. like those giant air-mattress thingy’s where you jump in and bounce around, and human bowling, and sumo-suit wrestling, and human Velcro walls, and an enormous ball crawl, and stand-up comics, and a DJ, and fabulous food
    7. Trust funds for my nieces and nephews
    8. Pay off my sibling’s houses
    9. Go to crazy-expensive art school
    10. Start innovative nursing homes for seniors and more for those who need long-term care/disease treatment, etc., it will look just like luxury resorts/homes, one nurse (we’ll call them “healers”) to a person, use alternative and traditional healing methods, with extremely positive and cheerful, highly-paid staff and luxurious environments, where people WANT to visit
    11. Help everyone I know fulfill their dream in some capacity
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    C'mon Without Cmon Within QuinntheEskimo's Avatar
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    Of course we are assuming the payout is a Biggie!
    1. Mrs. Quinn and I would quit our jobs in a heartbeat- and be stay at home parents...
    2. TRAVEL!!!!
    3. Join a country club
    4. Host a FORT Survivor Party- whereas FORT members would meet over a long weekend and play Survivor- (we could vote off someone every 2 or 3 hours), and the winner gets a case of beer (or wine).

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