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Thread: What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

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    Howdy Doody or Alfred E Newman - if they were girls.

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    Around 8 yrs ago, I had long hair and I cut it short. Well everywhere I went people thought I was Mary-Lou Rettin. I would be drinking/smokin in a bar and people still came up to me " umm hi, umm i know who you are..um will you please sign this napkin."
    I just played along with it and I would twist my back, like I was stretching it, while sitting on the bar stool. Say in a loud whisper to my friends I was with, how tired I am being recognized everywhere I went. Then I took it to the exteeme...I would pretend I was going to do a double flip ( for a drink) Everyone would say "omg...Mary-Lou Rettin is going to do a double flip' they would cleare the room, I would look around, take off my shoes, take a deep breath, as my friends would say outloud "are you sure you can do it here" then as all eyes were watching for this amazing event, I would use both fingers and
    flip em off = double flip
    I don't look like her anymore, it was the hair

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