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Thread: Would I make a good blogger?

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    Just FYI blog

    Leo, I've enjoyed reading your posts here and I will definitely check out your journal .

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    Leo, I'm so glad you decided to go ahead with a blog. I haven't gotten over to read yours, but I will. I have always enjoyed your posts here. They are very well written and very thoughtful.

    Cali - I'm with you girlie. I had no idea what a blog was till I got to the FORT. I kept seeing links to people's blogs in their sig lines - and going ??

    Anyway - now I have a question. I need to get rid of some creative energy - can folks recommend the best blog site?

    I keep seeing Blogspot -- and I hadn't heard of LiveJournal till just now ... anyone else have suggestions?

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    Depends on whether you want to pay anything or not. Blogger/Blogspot (which is what I use) is pretty good now, since they got bought by Google a while back - and it's free.

    The one I hear a lot of good things about is MovableType. The problem is, though, that you need a separate webhost (and free webhosting won't cut it; you need a pretty good one). Unless you really know what you're doing, you'll also have to pay up $40 to have it install. Still, Movable Type is a very good blogging tool.

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