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Thread: Wedding stories??

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    My wedding was held at an old 19th century mansion that was converted into a catering hall that overlooks the Hudson river. The ceremony was outside on the patio. The whole place is up on more or less a cliff overlooking the river. During the ceremony when it came time for the rings, my best man pulled th box out of his pocket, opened it and out popped my ring. all you could hear was the 'ting', 'ting','ting' of the ring as it bounced and rolled toward the edge of the patio. My best man quickly scrambled to grab it before it went over the edge and tried to make its way to the river.

    Another story to go along with the location is that there are train tracks (commuter train) running along the Hudson river in this area. When we chose the place we didn't give it a second thought, but on a Friday evening in the summer, there were trains running every few minutes bringing people home from work. Because of this evry few minutes the sound of a train rolling buy can be heard during the cermony.

    Since my descriptive writing skills can sometimes leave something to be desired, here are two pictures to give you a better idea. I don't know who the people are. I pulled the pics off the place's website.
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    omg too funny!!!

    My wedding went off without a hitch. Well... mostly LOL

    We were on a tight budget, we paid for our wedding ourselves. We had friends and aquaintences do everything involved with the wedding. One word of advice - never skimp on the photographer. I don't have ONE wedding picture of my husband and myself that I like enough to frame and put on the wall.
    ok -for the funny stuff.
    The hall we booked had an event the night before, we couldnt get in to decorate until the morning of the wedding. We didn't think this was a problem because we were having an evening wedding(7pm). I was there all morning to supervise and help put everything into place but I had to leave just after lunch for my hair and nail appointments. I wouldnt be coming back to the hall until 6:30pm so the women we hired to put out the food would have to take care of that themselves (we had a buffet that started at 9 and lasted all night)
    After the ceremony and pictures we went back in to do the mercifully short speeches I walked into a hideously unadorned head table. I coudn't figure out where the floating candle/flower centerpieces I had order had gotten to.
    Well I found them...
    They were full of potato and macaroni salad on the buffet table. I have never laughed so hard in my life.
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    My wedding went off very well. My wife might disagree because she had "issues" with her bridesmaids, but that's not a very interesting story.
    One of the funniest wedding moments Iíve been around though was at my brothers wedding. My brother's best for his toast said "May she offer her honor, my he honor her offer, and all night long may he be on her and off her." Now I thought it was somewhat funny and somewhat inappropriate, but the funniest part was the reaction of my ultra religious family. All night long all any of them could talk about was that toast. Then finally someone had to explain it to my great grandmother who instead of being mortified as she was supposed to, busts out laughing till tears rolled down her cheeks.
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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Uh... I went to a wedding once... and I was in another (not mine, though). The end.
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    My wedding story is pretty boring. I got married by a judge, like Cali, when I was 19 and a few months pregnant, in jeans & a tshirt, and we went to Golden Chicken and ate rotiserrie chicken, fries and gravy as our wedding meal while I probably forced him to watch home & away or some equally bad Aussie show.

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    Ours was in a historic chapel that only held 100, reception in a nearby building. Not being religeous, I hired a minister out of the phone book. She did a great job, knew our best man from many, many years ago, etc. The biggest problem is that even after rehearsal, and numerous e-mails, she didn't know us really well. When she announced us, it was Mr. and Mrs. {wrong name}! I turned and hissed the right one between my teeth and she corrected it. She was very embarrassed, but we all had a good laugh.
    The other 'fun' happening was when the best man pretended to have forgotten the ring. He patted his pockets and turned to the other groomsman (my husband's son) who looked completely blank, since he didn't know what was going on. I'm not sure how many people heard me mutter "I'm going to kill him....". He did come up with a great toast, after I was seriously afraid he was going to embarrass me further.
    We were married in July, there was no air conditioning and my dress must have weighed 100 lbs. The photographer insisted that no one would eat until we went through the buffet line. So he got pictures, and my face is so red I look like I'm having a stroke! Those pictures are hidden in the photo album.
    I didn't get time to eat, even with my sister following me around with a plate, so when we got to the hotel we were staying at before flying out the next morning, I had a cheeseburger.
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    I suppose my wedding story would be that I actually got married three times... and yeah...to the same guy... in one year!

    I came out here from Norway in January 98 and we finally met face to face... We both knew this was it, and February 22nd we eloped to Vegas & got married there... it was simple, I didn't have a big fancy dress, just a simple white one, but it was very romantic & was actually my favorite one out of the 3 weddings...

    Anyway, long distance relationships are never easy in any way.... We knew there was no way to gather everyone we loved on one place for a big wedding, so summer of 98 we went to Norway & had a big wedding there for my family & friends & also I wanted my marriage to be registered & written in the state church of Norway. My parents arranged most of that since I was here in the US & it was a beautiful wedding. It was fun too cause my husband got to see how different a Norwegian wedding feast is from an American one, he had fun comparing :-)

    In October of 98 (whew) we had our big wedding here in California for all HIS friends and family ... (although by now word was starting to leak out that we had eloped in February lol... but hubby wanted to keep that one quiet for awhile not to "cheapen" the BIG wedding, as that one was beautiful as well.) We wed in the Catholic church & had a nice party with all my husband's friends & family, and even my parents came out for that one.
    And yes...I did wear my same wedding dress as I used in the Norwegian wedding... I actually got to wear it twice! hehe

    So I'm weddinged out... that's almost 6 years ago now I'm glad we had all the weddings we did, because everyone is so grateful that we included them on both continents... but although the big wedding parties were beautiful, the Vegas one was my favorite for sure. It was nice & romantic & not cheesy at all (I guess the movies only show those ones with the fake Elvises lol)


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    Stargazer, girl we are too much alike sometimes, first the same sheets and now nearly the same story. I too was one that was never going to get married and my wedding party was 1 straight girlfriend and 2 gay guys...we didn't even bother with the boquet toss cause about the exact same thing would have happened. Heck even if I lined up all the guests that were available for a boquet toss it would have been a whopping total of 2 gals and about a dozen gay friends none of which had any inkling to grab for it.

    Anyways, nothing really great to tell about my wedding, just had to note that sometimes it cracks me up that we end up with stuff so similar.

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