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Thread: Alright! Come clean!

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    The new me! Feifer's Avatar
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    Alright! Come clean!

    I was sitting her reviewing the posts and kept smelling my shirt. It is yummy. There is nothing like the smell of clean laundry. So, I was wondering what type af laundry detergent and fabric softener you use. Do tell.

    I love the smell of Tide and Downey. I use the regular tide or the mountain spring one. I prefer the liquid because it is terrific for getting stains out right before you toss the clothes in the washer. Yes even dried on stains come out. I like the original Downey april fresh dryer sheets. They are great for more than just laundry. I like to put them in my sock drawer, between my folded sheet sets(makes the sheets seem like you just washed them even months later), and in sneakers. You can use them to get scuffs off of shoes too.

    What potions do you use to keep your laundry(and other things) smelling laundry day fresh?
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    From the corner of my eye Jewelsy's Avatar
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    Hey Feif. I use the same combination -- Tide and Downey. I LOVE the smell of fresh clean laundry too!
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    Hockey is life! EvaLaruefan's Avatar
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    I too use Tide and Downey. Sometimes I use Sunlight but I find Sunlight leaves soap on my clothes, it really doesn't rinse well.

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    come clean? but I just took a shower? don't I smell like a deoderant soap? man, tough crowd to please.....

    I like tide and bounce. to me thats the smell of clean clothes

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    Jughead Jones
    I'm with the guy who said Tide and Bounce...it's the combo that targets stains.

    Though, my mother sometimes uses that Oxy-Clean.

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    Lucky!! octobergirl's Avatar
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    I only use Original scent Tide and classic outdoor fresh scent Bounce, that smells the best to me!
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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    Soap? What is this soap stuff all of you keep referring to?

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    I have a dream too! Sepialove's Avatar
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    Im a 3rd generation Tide user! My grandmother drilled into our psyches that any other detergent would damage the washer.

    I like the new Bounce sheets w/ no fragrance
    (daughter has bad allergies )
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    I'm actually slightly boring in the laundry detergent department. I'm finding myself more and more allergic to shampoos & soaps & detergents, & I've had to go to hypo allergenic stuff.

    So.... I use Arm & Hammer detergent & Snuggles fabric softener....both without perfumes & are hypoallergenic.

    So I'm fragrance free but my clothes are clean and my skin is rash-free & I am happy

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    The mitten state
    I buy what's on sale. So I use all different kinds (but I tend to buy Tide....with no scent) and try to get scent free fabric softner or dryer sheets. I can't stand the smells of most fabric softners or laundry soaps.
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