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Thread: I don't understand...

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    Honestly, I don't know what you are talking about Julie

    I don't understand low-cut pants either Raindance! I don't understand the fascination with Justin Timberlake... ???

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    I'm with you, Silverstar...I mean, he's just normal cute-boy... his voice is good, but not swoony-special. He's cute-- but not THAT cute...oh, hell...he just seems so trashy to me.
    Meh. I don't feel him.

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    see below
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    I don't understand:

    -Sports in general
    {-Golf- Mini golf is a lot of fun - I'll be the first to admit. But watching somebody try to put a ball in a hole on TV for like 3 hours? I don't see the appeal.
    -Football- I don't understand this, period.
    -Hockey- See above.
    -Baseball- Angels games are so awesome when you see them live. But I cannot watch more than 5 minutes of it on TV...sooo boring.
    -Volleyball- Playing volleyball (especially on the beach) is so much fun. But watching anybody else's game (whether on TV or in person) puts me to sleep.
    -Soccer- Why would you want to bang your head on a ball for 2 hours? }

    Only sport I love besides surfing is basketball. I hate to play it but live Lakers games are the best. And I can even watch it on TV sometimes

    -People's fascination with not being themselves and trying to "fit in"

    -Surfer haters. I met one today. "What? You think you're cool because you can ride on a board in the water?" Uh, I never said that but whatever. I just don't understand people who dislike others based on no logical reasoning.


    -The male species. And you think I would - I'm constantly surrounded by guys in the house (my zillion brothers and no sisters) and my surfer guy friends. I've also had a boyfriend for 4 years. But I'm still confused by their actions and feelings. And always will be.

    -Smokers. Do they really think it's cool to smell like crap?

    Wow, this list could go on forever - cool thread

    And as far as Clay Aiken goes - I understand that completely
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