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Thread: What's the Worst Vacation you have ever been on?

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    Went on a road trip for a long weekend when I was just out of college with my long time friend and a friend of hers from work. About midway through the first day the friend from work decided she didn't like where we were going to (my long time friend's old college), didn't like where we were staying, didn't like the plans that had been made and frankly didn't like us. She wouldn't talk to us (just sat in the back sit reading her bible), wouldn't eat with us, when we were in the hotel room she was down in the lobby. She came up one evening when we were still awake and left quickly. We kept asking her what was wrong but she just would say nothing or deny a problem.

    Finally on the trip home, after I got dropped off she told my friend that she was very angry at her because she didn't introduce me properly to her and there for she couldn't be comfortable with me. I guess it wasn't formal enough to simply say, "this is Nancy, I"ve known her for years." ?

    We still had fun but it was very odd to have this person with you who so clearly hated the fact she was with you. Just as a follow up to the story, about 3 days back at the office, my girlfriend was sitting at her desk when this other woman came up behind, dumbed a pop on her head and screamed at her "are you happy!!!! I can't work here because I can't stand the sight of you." and quit that day.

    There are some odd people in this world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    A bad day on a vacation is still better than a good day at work. So, I'll say I've never had a bad vacation!!

    I was just going to post the same thing when I saw this.
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    unexplained, if it weren't for siblings/cousins, many of us would never truly learn the meaning of the word "suffering." Glad you survived the trauma okay.

    nlmcp, that lady sounds like a raving lunatic!

    My story is really about a tourist-trap/con-job: We took a trip on the "Star Ferry" (the one that was featured on TAR2) in Hong Kong. We were short on time as we had to return to the US the next day, but were determined not to miss the sightseeing cruise around the harbor. The views were breathtaking.

    Then in the middle of the ride, an officious-looking gentleman (suited, booted, and with a clipboard in hand) started calling all the tourists one-by-one into a separate area of the ferry. People did not look happy as they returned to the main deck. When our turn came, we found ourselves sitting at a desk while the guy pleasantly proceeded to give us a lengthy lecture on calligraphy and painted our names in Chinese characters on some crappy paper and insisted we purchase his shabby effort.

    His sales pitch had taken up the better part of our trip on the ferry. I was . But before we could do anything about it, we reached journey's end, and the guy made a very hasty exit off the ramp. I later heard that this guy had been plying his trade in the same manner for weeks and several other tourists at our hotel had fallen prey to his game.

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    my worst vacation was in the first week of July 2000. i was on the second of two study abroad programs...the first centered on political and economic transition in central europe (the budapest university of economic sciences in hungary and the Palacky University in the czech republic)...the second focused on international relations in brussels, belgium (at the Free University of Brussels [French]). the first program was awesome...both groups of kids were great and we all bonded yada yada yada. but the second program seemed doomed by bad weather, just as the first program seemed doomed by what we dubbed "stupid commie washing machines" ( a cross between a medeival torture chamber, a toaster, a blender and an ovenl...and 1 gabillionth washing machine).

    brussels: July 2000. Wet, dreary (think London)-- thick brown slugslugs everywhere and suspicious doggie doodoo everywhere on slick, slimy pavement. Not to mention living in the servent's quarters of an old brick house on Rue Adolphe Buyl with five other girls...and no heat...one bathroom...and damp beds smelling suspiciously of...urine...

    my friend kay and i decided to take a weekend trip to paris. i was familiar with paris and loved the subways and knew all the musuems and fun places to shop...little did i know that kay wanted to shop and shop ONLY. it was ugly. she didn't want to do anything but shop and go to clubs that cost $30 just to get in (if you were "approved")...and that is so not my style. i HATE HATE HATE HATE DESPISE LOATHE AND HATE clubs that sweaty, hump fests (oh, i meant "dancind")...
    i was so miserable.
    that and, i'm 5'4". Kay is 5'11". I'm a cute gal, but next to tall ballerina doe-faced Kay and her cruelly short skirts...i'm often an afterthought at best. it really cramps my style. it was not a pleasant weekend.

    Kay and i are still peas in a pod and are very close...but after another wretched weekend that almost ended in blows (in London) with our friend Rob (who wanted to kill both of us...else himself) who was studying at Cambridge-- we don't travel together anymore.

    thank goodness, kay went to prague (where i had spent a lot of time during my previous program in June) while i went backto Paris with my friend Annika...and we had a great time: managing all the usual tourist faves: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Musee Rodin, Victor Hugo's house, bumped into the finish of the Tour de France, great cafes, lots of wining and dining...(one thing great about travelling with Annika is that we have similar tastes and run very much on the same mellow speed...preferring a mellow wine buzz or coffee chatter...people watching...than the thump-hump of discotheques...).

    that's my random and long-winded worst (and best) vacation ever.

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    Boy, I sure have the uncanny ability to killl a thread, don't I?

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    two years ago, i was into the beack so much. there was a time when i went to different beaches the whole summer. here is the story:

    i went on vacation with my boyfriend in the northern part of the philippines, just the two of us. the beach was terrific. big waves, not too much commercialized. the sun was hot. i got a good tan. everything was well. the following weekend we went on another vacation again, this time in a beach just south of manila and we were together with friends. we didnt organize the trip, one of my friend says that she has this really nice resthouse near a beautiful beach. i really didnt feel like going but for the sake of camaraderie i decided to go along.

    all 20 or so friends rode the coaster while me and my bf took the car. we had a convoy. on the coaster the same girl who owns the resthouse/beach (lets call her annoying girl) was screaming on the top of her lungs "I WANT TO PEE I WANT TO PEE" that evidently turned ALL of the people inside the coaster off. we decided to take a short stop in ordr for her to pee, and three of those seating near her transferred to our car much to their relief.

    we reached our destination. first reaction: "WHERE IS THE $%^$%^ HOUSE?" we didnt see any solid structure there except for two old ok... "HOUSES" made of bamboo with no water. good thing me and my bf brought TENTS! two bad for the others they have to sleep like sardines in what would be a disaster waiting to happen.

    then we decided to check the beach out. to my disgust... the sand is not even natural black sand which would have been nice. its sand tainted by a nearby sugar cane factory. and we thought it was a power plant. shards of glass are everywhere. i wouldnt even try to set foot on it. some friends tried to wade in the water, they end up itching. the water was black. it was dirty. there was a mall underneath all those water... shoes... chip wrappers... hell! theres even a toy department underneath! i really didnt get into that water. i wouldnt dare get contaminated and get bitten by a radioactive fish or worse get turned into a mutant.

    whats worse, the annoying girl wanted to be in all the pictures! she wouldnt want to be the one behind the camera, so everytime we had to take a group picture we had to make sure she's nowhere in sight to hear "ready, 1, 2, 3 say cheese". that spoiled Bitch with her ugly beach!
    and thats not all... all through the night she kept on yelling "WHEN I WAS F*%$& 17 THIS F*&$%# GUY TOOK F&*$%^% ADVANTAGE OF ME" how cruel was that? when asked how old she was, she turned just 18. and that was only a few weeks ago. DUH!

    i so much hated that trip. it was the worst ever. getting fined for littering in bangkok was way worst that this vacation. what was supposed to be a fun-filled 3 day excursion with friends turned out to be a one day in hell for me. me and my boyfriend decided to go home the following day while the rest of the people tried to contemplate on how they will survive in the next two.
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    LastBoyScout - your contaminated beach reminded me of a beach trip I wish I'd never taken:

    It was a hot July day in central Mexico when I & my exchange student friends decided to change our plane tickets so that we could have 2 weeks to travel to the coast and fry on a white-sanded beach. We'd been in school for months and were in the midst of a miserable heat wave. We wanted the beach and we wanted it now. And we certainly didn't want to visit a touristy spot like Acapulco (oh, how I wish we'd gone to Acapulco!) because we felt assimilated and didn't need to pay outrageous prices like a dweeb tourist. Oh, to be 18 and stupid again.

    So where to go? Zihuatanejo? Manzanilla? One of my friends had a "Let's Go: Mexico", which is written by students at Harvard and is supposed to have the insider edge for cheap spots to stay, cool places to eat, and the most pristine unknown beaches. "Here it is," my friend said, pointing to the map. "Paradise."

    Ahhh, Paraiso, Mexico. Let's Go had an enthusiastic description of a quaint town with a colonial center square, friendly townspeople, and an untouched beach. We got our bus tickets, only cringing a little when I found out it would be a 14-hour bus ride on the first leg of the trip. It was worth it to get to the beach. And besides, we took the bus other places during our stay, and they were pretty nice with a bathroom and plush seats.

    Not quite. At the bus station, we walked past all the nice big ones to the one we would be taking. It looked like a school bus that had been painted dirt brown, and it was full. So full that we had to stand. So began the most horrible 18+ hours of public transit I ever hope to experience. We had several flat tires, and at one point I thought the engine was on fire, but the driver pulled over and somehow took care of it. There certainly was no bathroom, and we only stayed about 60 seconds at each stop. Pretty soon we were all dying to pee. Eventually, we begged the bus driver to wait while we all visited the public toilet at one stop - the less said here the better. The driver was very put out. At one stop, an old lady got up and left, and a friend of mine scooted quickly to get her seat....then just as quickly stood up. "Oh my god, she PEED on it!"

    We finally made it to our stop, where we had to catch a local bus for another 3 hours. But finally we made it to Paradise. We were so excited, the first thing we did was walk down to the beach - only about 3 blocks from the quaint center of town - so we could forget the past 21 hours. And sure enough, the view was unforgettable. The 10-foot sewer pipe dumping noxious black liquid onto the sand had formed a river of sludge between the town and the ocean. There was quite a lot of flow, too; to this day I don't know where they got so much to dump in such a tiny town. There must have been a battery factory somewhere we didn't see.

    It's obvious that whoever wrote the entry on Paradise had never been there. A few of my friends changed their tickets and left for the airport the next day. I traveled with my 1 remaining friend and lasted about 5 more days, but without a guy in the group, it got really difficult real fast.
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