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Thread: I guess this is as good a place to introduce myself.

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    Jughead Jones

    I guess this is as good a place to introduce myself.

    Hi, everyone!

    I just stumbled upon this site today, and thought it was interesting, considering that I'm a big fan of reality television.

    While my screenname is the same as one of my favourite comic book characters, I do know the difference between Phil Keoghan and Jeff Probst, and I can name the original Big Brother houseguests (in North America, anyway)

    I'm originally from Canada, so if you see my add a "U" to words like colour, favourite, and honour, you'll understand.

    And, I tend to be malicious to competitors that I don't like on relaity shows, and they tend to be quite humerous, so keep an eye out.

    Hope to befriend some good people here.

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    daydream believer oneTVslave's Avatar
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    to the FORT Jughead Jones! There is an Introduce Yourself thread in the Announcements forum - you may like to post there as well...
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    Welcome Jugghead! There is an official introduction thread on the site, but it may be burried on page 2 (I didn't look before posting this).

    Enjoy yourself! There are a lot of fun things to do here. Take a look around!
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    FORT Fogey
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    Hey welcome jughead jones! I'm canadian too, but i still use the american spellings, oh well, enjoy your stay

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    JugHead Jones Welcome to FORT! I'm glad you came to look around the area.

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