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Thread: Infertility

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    If you have experienced or are currently going through the infertility nightmare please let us know.

    There are several FORT members who have discovered that there is a common thread with infertility. So, we are thinking of starting a private forum for this issue. It will have threads to discuss your experience,treatments, thoughts, and the various things pertaining and also act as a support group.

    If you are interested in this forum but you don't want to post your interest here please let Firegirl know in a PM or John.
    As this is such a sensitive issue and the goal for the forum is to act as a sort of support group, you will have to gain access through John. John will let the various members know that you are seeking access and we can include you.


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    I don't have anything to add, but good luck to all of you. I have a few friends and co-workers who have been through the experience. I'm glad for all of you who will benefit from the thread.

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    Been there and would love to be included. Not how much I'd be able to offer, but I certainly know the ups and downs. Thanks!

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    Ok, thanks Marybeth as soon as it's up and running John will let us know and give access to those interested. Thanks!!

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