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Thread: How does your addiction affect your kids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    Are we talking about Reality TV or the FORT? I'm definitely addicted to the FORT but not necessarily the shows.
    I second that. I usually just have FORT open all the time on the "background", I am not necessarily reading anything or posting, it is like having TV open for background noise (I grew with 3 siblings, I can't work in complete silence) to me. And, you have to remember, kids are pretty mean and rudely pull me off the computer if they feel I am not paying enough attention to them, those little mean monsters But, I often ponder all of this too, and I still would like to lock the TV for a month. If I had the willpower.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Well my kids watch Survivor and The Bachelor with me, so sometimes I have to explain a few things to them ("Mommy what are those round cicles doing on their butts?")
    Most of the time I'm here when they are asleep but now and then I'm on when they are awake. they like to look at the smilies and the avators and pick out their faverates.
    I don't think they see it as something cool, it's just something Mom does. I think they think the shows are great because I watch with them, there is no way they are watching them alone. (not when there are round blurry circles to explain)
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    So tell me, is it wrong to tell your kid that you are "working" on the computer when you are on FORT? (Guilty.)
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