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Thread: Did any of the "NWN FORTers" get SOU?

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    Did any of the "NWN FORTers" get SOU?

    I know there were a bunch of you that were also Neverwinter Nights addicts, I was just wondering if anyone else got Shadows of Unrentide?

    It's good............. ooooooooooooh I'm addicted

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    Well, I probably will get it eventually. I loved NWN, playing just the basic campaign alone, I am not into the internet side of it, so SOU sounds like fun addition to me. Funny thing with NWN was that I had never played a game like that before, I bought it for hubby and ended up staying up a few nights playing it through (while kids were asleep, kind of violent graphics at times) before hubby did.

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    SoU is great..... and yep...it's just as addicting as nwn ...


    If you'll excuse me I have to get back to...uh... uhmm.... *twitch*
    work ....

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