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Thread: Top 10 Things You Like About the FORT

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    Top 10 Things You Like About the FORT

    I was reading through other threads and decided to start this one.
    Here are my Top 10 Things I like about the FORT:

    10. Everyone's Avatars
    9. The little smileys
    8. The games to keep you thinking
    7. The AI fanatics
    6. Everyone here is unique
    5. Interesting threads
    4. The Moderators who keep up with everyone
    3. There is a lot about Reality TV and there are also other topics
    2. John!
    1. Everyone here is Friendly

    Let me know what you think.

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    LL -- this is great It might take me a while to think of my top 10, but I'm sure many of mine are similar to yours...

    Top 10 Things I Like About FoRT:
    10. Avatars & li'l blurbs above them
    9. Everyone's support
    8. Users being brave enough to post their picture for everyone
    7. Laughing at the computer screen... something I would have otherwise never done
    6. Getting different, varied opinions on everything from movies to perfume
    5. Everyone being polite enough to respect those opinions and help anybody that needs it
    4. Always having somebody to talk to
    3. DA MODS
    2. Hilarious/Interesting topics for threads

    1. Clay

    *Real* #1 -- Every single one of you FORTers

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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    Great lists...

    Here's mine.

    10. User-friendly
    9. Newbie-friendly
    8. Great organization by John & the mods... seldom any duplicate threads and it's easy to find what you want to.
    7. The recaps
    6. The warm atmosphere between everyone, very few bad apples
    5. Website design (I swear I'm not butt kissing John, it's just set up so well that it always looks so great)
    4. The Hockey Threads
    3. The Hottest Men Thread
    2. That it's mainly regarding TV, one of my biggest interests
    1. That I have so much fun here, I don't even notice when my favourite shows (Survivor, Big Brother) are on their offseason. I spend just as much time here regardless of what is airing.
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    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    FORT Fogey
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    My list:

    10. The adorable smilies (see my signature line)
    9. The funny smilies (like and :monkeybut)
    8. The amusing avatars
    7. Easy to understand format
    6. People with great senses of humor
    5. Entertaining threads
    4. Respect for others' opinions
    3. All the great moderators
    2. John
    1. Everyone is so nice and friendly and helpful!!!

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    I'm not used to being on Top 10 lists that aren't on Post Office walls...

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    Fade to black
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    Originally posted by John
    I'm not used to being on Top 10 lists that aren't on Post Office walls...
    Or bathroom walls.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    Why Not Us? greenie's Avatar
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    Shhh it's a secret
    10. AI Forum
    9. Fun emoticons like (I knew this was my kind of place!)
    8. The Hottest Men thread
    7. The My Art thread
    6. The user friendliness of this forum
    5. The amazing intelligent discussion in the Current Events forum
    4. The ability to meet amazing people from around the world
    3. My "discussions" with fluff during AI especially when we imagined them making a remake of Footloose
    2. Picking on hazy
    1. The amazing friendships I've formed here at FORT, who knew? I just came here to find out info on AI!
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    My Top Ten List

    10. The feeling of camaraderie
    9. The intelligence of most of the posters
    8. The humor
    7. The variety of topics discussed
    6. The "mostly" friendly debates (wink wink)
    5. The constant improvements made on site for our convenience
    4. The many features available (P.M. chatroom etc.)
    3. The ease of posting and all that it entails
    2. The Fun Factor -- it never gets boring
    1. The Administrator

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    Chihuahua's rule! drkim's Avatar
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    10. My pale alabaster skin - no sun damage this year.
    9. Smilies.
    8. AI forum still being open.
    7. User friendly - computer newbies can do this.
    6. People don't start new threads all the time - there's hardly any redundancy here.
    5. Carrie, who posts personal messages for Clay Aiken.
    4. Lobeck, John, Fluff, Hazy, CaliGirl, Cali, Eny, Duckgirl and all the other writers and mods.
    3. Show recaps!!! to all the recap writers!
    2. Posters are not all teenagers, wide range of ages and opinions.
    1. Ability to post pictures (avatars, Hot Men thread, What I look like..)
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    Can They Do It?? mrdobolina's Avatar
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    10. I stray away, and I get an email inviting me back
    9. Very user friendly--I just started my first thread yesterday! All by myself!
    8. The people-All very friendly, most can take a joke
    7. Signature lines
    6. Most everyone respects OPINIONS, and most dont get offended when you disagree
    5. Recappers!
    4. Everything about the TAR thread
    3. The fact that, even though most agree that FLOM is terrible tripe, there is still a forum for it, and people still post and laugh.
    2. 3 words--Work Avoidance Factor

    And my number 1 thing I like about the FORT......

    Friendly, interactive, welcoming Administrator and Moderators!
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

    It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.

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