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Thread: Top 10 Things You Like About the FORT

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    see below
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    Mar 2003
    10. Being able to choose your own title underneath your username, your own avatar, and your signature - pretty much all the freedom we get around here!

    9. Being updated on all the information I care about 24/7

    8. The games we play in General

    7. The chat room at 9 PM Pacific Time for JoJo's countdown

    6. Everyone's avatars and all the pictures in the threads

    5. The recaps of the shows

    4. The mods - I could never do what they do!

    3. My fellow Clay-obsessed fans

    2. All the hilarious, caring people who post here

    1. How I can't fit everything that I love about this place on a Top 10 list!

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    Oooo...I want to play.

    Here's my list.
    10. Smilies and Signature lines
    9. Avatars
    8. Ease of navigating through the forums
    7. Updated info for each forum
    6. Quizzes and other fun & interesting threads in General
    5. Happy Birthday thread
    4. intelligent and respectful posts
    3. comraderie between everyone (members and mods)
    2. Funny and well-written recaps and other articles
    1. Friendly atmosphere for all, new and veterans

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    Aw, I love everybody's lists!! This place really is wonderful. Caliqueen - how could I forget the chatroom @ 11? It's such a riot... to say the least.

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