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Thread: The nicest people

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    The nicest people

    I just want to say we have the nicest people here at the FORT and I am glad that those come and decide to camp here!

    I had pm'd balloon man and begged him to please send me the tinkerbell balloon and he did,!!! Wow it's even cuter in person than the pictures!

    Now if I can just keep my daughter from handling it too much!

    He also sent an extra one for her and it is darling as well!

    We just have the nicest people here which is a variant of the norm you find on a lot of sites!

    Thanks so much Balloon man I just love the balloons they are such a treat and my daughter squealed when she saw them!

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    dallas, fer sure
    that's so nice, bloonman!

    and yes, i love the people at the fort. they are the reason i kept coming back in the first place.

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    I love Ruben and the FORT 702loves205's Avatar
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    I am truly grateful for having such a wonderful place as the FORT to come to each day. The people here are so sincere, kind, encouraging and intelligent. After a hard days work at the office, this is such a peaceful, relaxing site to enjoy.

    Thanks to everyone who created the FORT and to everyone who continues to add to it, making this my favorite site!!!
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    I think just for thinking of this thread, Firegirl is one of the nicest persons too! There are many others that I have "spoken" to at one point or another or have "played" with.

    To all FORTIES, you are an awesome group of diverse people who I look forward to reading and/or responding to your posts. I look forward to it everyday!

    (edited by John, upon request)
    Last edited by John; 06-16-2003 at 10:30 PM.

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    hear ye, hear ye...

    i'll drink to that

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    But being blue is more work.
    I echo Firegirl's sentiments 100%. Note that I didn't say 110%, which proves that I'm not a professional athelete. But I degress.

    I have met some terrific people here that I consider friends. I am still stunned that FG organized a group of folks to send a cookie bouquet when our daughter was born; that was so flippin' sweet of her and the folks that contributed.

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    Why Not Us? greenie's Avatar
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    Shhh it's a secret
    I'm joining in on the FORT lovefest. I've never been to a message board before. Everyone I've met here has been great and I've managed to make a few more friends out of it.

    Wayner, that story about firegirl organizing to send those cookies is just a prime example, along with bloonman going out of his way to make a special balloon for firegirl and send it to her.

    Woohoo FORT!
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    Ditto to the above.

    I don't get online as much as I used to, but the FORT is ALWAYS one of the few stops I make.

    Oh, can't you just feel the love here!
    "The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you're playing by somebody else's rules, while quietly playing by your own."

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    to all of the above.

    I haven't been with you all as long as others, and don't get so much time to contribute, but i'm here reading, always.

    I've been involved with other online groups - so i can speak with some authority (puffs out chest -- no wait -- entirely bad idea, Paulie might come along) when I say that this is a truly unique bunch of folks.

    I already feel like one of the FORT family - (even tho some of you are going buh .. who???) just because every one is so civil and normal and articulate and funny and well .. wonderful.

    And FG, I just *found* Bloonman the other day, posting in the 'what do you look like' thread - and he has me truly amazed and delighted with his artistry. I am envious to think that you got a Tinkerbell creation! Wonderful!

    Thanks to John (great big hugs) and all the mods and writers who keep the zoo under control.

    And thanks FG for giving us another opportunity to gush about how much we love the FORT!

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Sorry about the cold shoulder, Eldee (it was me, right? You can admit it).

    I knew I had my priorities in a different order from most "normal" people, when today something good happened, and my wife said "did you e-mail your family?" I said "No, but I told some of the people on the FORT."

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