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Thread: 8 Year Olds And Music

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    Everyone must think I am a dork! I really am out of touch or something. These are terrific ideas!
    "People are strange, when you're a stranger" - Jim Morrison

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    I used to do dollar store surprises with my kid on long car trips. Each silly little dollar store purchase was wrapped securely and hidden in the car. This way instead of a bag of toys that she's bored with in the first 5 minutes, you can pace the fun. "When the odometer says 12500 I have something new for you" ... "Hey - it's at 12500. Ok, open the glove box now!" or "Check under the tissues in the tissue box" - you get the idea. So there's anticipation waiting for the mileage to turn, then finding the surprise, then unwrapping it, and then playing with it. You can milk that for quite a while.

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    My daughter is 8 1/2. She is probably pretty typical. She likes Lizzie McGuire. I won't be much help with music beyond that because most of what she listens to is Contemporary Christian pop and rock stuff. She actually has pretty eclectic taste for 8. My daughter loves the movie The Parent Trap (old version and new version) and The Sound of Music. The Parent Trap remake also has a soundtrack that my daughter loves. She also enjoyed both of the Harry Potter movies though these may be a bit much if she's really sheltered. Of course, she loves nail polish. Also, gel pens and craft type stuff also works. Books always are a great choice, you just have to figure out what she likes.

    I must admit though, Blindart was right about doing things with her. You need to be prepared with things she can do by herself but don't let her lose herself in them to the point of not doing things together.
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