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Thread: My Art

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce
    BobbieJo - What a beautiful portrait of your grandson. I am sure it will be cherished in the years to come.
    Thanks so much!

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    The poem and the picture of the grandchild are BEAUTIFUL!

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    I sketched this for a friend of mine on another website. He wanted me to draw him as a hobbit. When I finished, I reduced it on the computer so he could use it as his sig, then I framed the original 14x17 portrait and sent it to him.
    (click on it and you can see it better)
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    Great pictures Bobbie! I really like the hobit one.

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    BobbieJo you've got an amazing sense of realism in the faces you draw. I look foward to seeing more from you someday.

    Err my styles completely different and has changed quite a bit since I last posted in this thread. >_> Background is of the ocean I took last summer. And I like designing clothes for the people I draw so don't laugh! Lol.

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    I've decided to try and revive this thread. I don't have anything to offer at this time but I'm sure there are several who do. If you have any artwork, poetry, essays, etc. that you would like to share, please do so!

    We have so many talented FORTers here.

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    ok time bring the thread back to life...here is one of my poems i have writen...be wear it is not chipper...lol...none of mine are...even when i am..k here it goes
    Alone in the world lying dead among many
    By: disfunctionalf20

    I am alone in the world lying dead among many
    My body cold from the poison that strikes me still
    Not a movement I could bear that would not inspire pain

    I am alone in the world lying dead among many
    My soul trapped in this blazing hell that will not let go
    Fighting to be among many and the free heavens.

    I am alone in the world lying dead among many
    My heart crying out to be with another that beats as mine
    Beating as one we would be with each other alive.

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    and yet another....yes once again not the brites of things...im really am a chipper person tho doesnt seem like it.

    Looking in the mirror

    I look in the mirror
    To see the change
    What I saw struck me fear
    Even gave me some rage.

    Scars showing every ounce of pain
    Every wrong choice that was made
    Was this the punishment of my gain
    The person I was is all but a fade.

    I turned my glair away
    Focused on all of my rage
    How this happen is all I could say
    This wasnít me the other day

    Is all my gain worth this
    Is there a way to take it back
    I stormed off clinching my fist
    Looking as if I was ready to attack

    Went to the witch
    or should I say bitch
    That gave me all that I asked for
    But no warning of this bad glitch

    Saying she gave me all I asked for
    And she gave me nothing more
    I simply asked for it all away
    And to return me to back my norm

    In a few simple words
    The witch sent me back
    I awoke to some birds
    Wondering if the bitch cut me so slack

    I looked in the mirror
    To see nothing changed
    I was my old self again
    And felt I no longer shamed

    The witch gave me one thing
    Something I didnít ask for
    She gave me happiness
    In what I once saw none

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    I've started doing some pet portraits. I still owe some money on my animals illness and ultimate, and so am looking to do anything I can to pay it off!

    Here are a couple of examples. The first is a sketch ofof a guys dog, the second the painting of the same dog

    If interested, feel free to PM me.
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