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Thread: My Art

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    Some of my work...

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    abrslr, there's a thread here already to share your artwork; I just think it's been neglected a while, so it's probably on page 2 of either "general discussion" or another such forum...nice drawings by the way!
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    oh okay thanks!

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    I will have to give to you too, abrslr.

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    Fade to black
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    Very nice artwork. The other thread mentioned is here, lots of good stuff in there:

    My Art
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    Thanks again guys!

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    a poem...

    He walks
    I fall,
    He smiles
    I fall,
    He laughs at my jokes
    I fall,
    He speaks
    I fall,
    He whispers into my ear
    I fall,
    He taps
    I fall,
    He looks at me
    I fall,
    He winks
    I fall,
    He kisses
    I fall,
    I fall everytime he brushes by my side,
    or when he looks my way.
    When he smiles at me and laughs.
    When he touches my shoulder,
    even when he talks to me.
    When he taps or pokes my back,
    whispers in my ear.
    But the kiss is the thing that makes me sink,
    makes me fall into a daze.
    The kiss and only his kiss takes my breathe away.

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    Fade to black
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    Just a little sumtin sumtin

    "And we dance"

    The music plays,
    The warmth of you next to me,
    Slowly moving in infinite circles,
    One hand pulling you in closer.

    Looking into you,
    Feeling something indescribable,
    Our lips meet,
    And the music stops.

    The room is spinning,
    Yet our feet are not moving,
    And I all I hear,
    is you breathing.

    It's like a dream,
    I think,
    and pull myself away,
    to make sure I'm awake.

    "Your presence still lingers here..."
    The words float in the air,
    And we dance,
    Until no one's there.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    That's awesome, Hazy! Beautiful, really.

    It would make a very nice song!

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    Hazy... that's real nice...


    I can't control this infactuation.
    He takes away my concentration.
    There's so much complication.
    I have this adoration.
    He's always in my memorization,
    but I can't even hold a conversation.
    God! When I see him the penetration,
    oh and the radiation,
    takes over my adapatation.
    I can't handle this fascination.
    He's always in my imagination.
    He's my salvation, my need, and accomodation.
    I wish he'd show me some affection.
    He has so much perfection.
    He makes my heart go rotation.
    I have this weird addiction.
    I'm in tramatazation.
    This whole thing gives me aggravation,
    and so much frustration,
    but I will forever always have this infactuation.

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