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Thread: My Art

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    Ready? haejin's Avatar
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    May 2003
    New York City
    A poem I wrote for a class project:

    Four Skinny Girls

    I see four girls on the street. I notice them in the crowd,
    Out of all the other people in the square.

    I see their legs. Legs like sticks.
    Arms like nails. Straight. Long. Thin. Swaying in the wind.
    Well, almost.

    They walk, arms linked with arms.
    Walking like a wall.
    A thin wall of sticks, ready to blown over, but easily put back.
    Their bonds strong, but the parts weak.

    They walk tall and proud,
    Letting the sky and wind know they were ready.
    Linked. Together.
    Walking in the wind.

    One of them trips. They all fall down.
    Then they get up. And continue walking.
    Tall, proud, skinny.
    Skinny like sticks and nails.
    Bonds like nails in wood.
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    I need to get out more bloonman's Avatar
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    mostly in my head
    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    Adorable! Thanks, Sweetie.

    You're more than welcome, dvm.
    "I have abandoned my search for truth, and am now looking for a good fantasy." ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

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    Miz Smarty Britches queenb's Avatar
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    Since I finally scanned some of my art into my files, I thought I'd share some "gourd art" and an oil painting.
    I don't know why these didn't "open"; you can still click on them to see though!
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    I like that last pic the best queenb, you're really talented

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    Fade to black
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    Mar 2003
    MSC, you write very well - you should keep working on it.

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    Back from the dead! brusch's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    Wow, some nice work up there hazy, MSC, haejin, queenb....
    Keep up the good work, there are so many unique talents here at the FORT.
    Log off. That cookie sh*t makes me nervous. --Tony Soprano

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    Moon Skin Child

    Thanks hazy, you should keep working too.

    Queen, that's awesome stuff.

    KEEP IT UP, keep it uuuuuuuuuuup... *sings*

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    Is this FORT or the Artists/Writers/Poets Association? You people are really talented!

    bloonman- your creations never cease to amaze me! It's amazing how you always manage to get the exact colours (especially the piglet you gave crissy )

    hazy- I've read some of your writings (my favourite was the hide-and-seek one) and what can I say? Saying that you're 'good' is an understatement

    haej and MSC- I don't think I can write as well as you youngsters

    and queen!- great artwork! I've never seen gourd art before and I must say it's very interesting and refreshing (I couldn't make out the design on the left gourd in the 3rd picture... the one beside the clouds)

    I, unfortunately, have nothing to offer here But I'll keep dropping by to check in on the latest creations

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    haejin, I really liked your poem. It's very original and the imagery is fascinating. I hope you got a good mark on it
    All my life, I have felt destiny tugging at my sleeve.~ Thursday Next
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    Back to the kitty lalol's Avatar
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    To be honest that av is freaking me out average

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