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Thread: Good Netflix Alternatives

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    Good Netflix Alternatives

    Guys I am looking for a good Netflix alternative!!! I am so sick of them removing the shows I like just because not that much people watch it. Plus, I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like watching older movies and I can't because they remove them.. It is just annoying at this point! Please, help a friend out

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    Re: Good Netflix Alternatives

    Many of the alternatives, including Hulu and Amazon Prime, are good, but I think you are going to find the same frustrations there with shows coming on and off. The only way I know of to have a show or movie permanently is to buy it on DVD. Between distribution agreements and limitations on space, they are always going to rotate things on and off.

    I tend to enjoy a lot of movies that are more arthouse types as opposed to blockbusters, and I've found that Prime now has A LOT of those, which I like. Hulu is going to focus more on TV shows - but they've got some great original programming too. It's all a matter of your preferences.
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