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Thread: OK, I admit it... I HATE

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    I hate it when one of my friends calls and I don't recognize their voices and they don't say their name--- "Hey Laura" "oh um hey" "so do you want to come over today?" "yeah sure... who is this?" Seriously, one time in 2nd grade my friend Cassie called and asked me to sleep over but I thought it was Lisa so I took all of my stuff over to Lisa's house. She didn't tell me that it wasn't her who called, so Cassie called my house like a hour later wondering where I was!!! lol
    What I hate(as it relates to this subtopic) are the ones that keep calling back for someone, when you know you've told them they dont live at that telephone number, and haven't since you've had the number.... Now I just play with them.

    Them: May i speak to Delores?
    Me: We don't have a Delores, but we have a slow lorus. You want to talk with it? It may take a while as its awfully slow.

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    I love wrong numbers, I actually did the scene from the movie " ruthless people" were danny divito told the guy who called. that the girl he was calling to talk to was "just a little busy ....um....how to put this in a p.g. way.....having a sausage, but when she was done he'll have her call back. ......the phone rang right away after i hung up. never picked it up, I was laughing too hard.

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    I hate that my neighbors on one side of me water their lawn with the spray hitting 3/4 of my driveway so I have to drive and walk through it.
    I hate that my neighbors on the other side always park their car in front of my house, instead of theirs.
    I hate that dishes don't wash themselves.
    I hate that the weeds in my lawn are growing better then the grass.
    I hate that my former university (yes CMU I'm talking about you) has told credit card companies and undergradutes to call me bugging me for money (and they will never ever ever get another cent from me because of it)
    I hate that I have to walk to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Look out:

    I hate:
    Pop-ins. (people who show up at my door w/o calling first)
    Drink-dialing. I think I'm funny when I'm drunk at 2:00 am and decide to call everyone in my phone book and they don't think I'm nearly as funny as I do.
    I hate having to call and apologize for that the next day.
    I hate the complicated nature of women. Men are so much easier to understand.
    There is only one person in this world who deserves (in my mind) to be hated and that is Judy. And she knows it.
    Men who cry. That is so 90s. Grow up and act like a man.
    I hate men who beat women.
    I hate not being able to help my my kids out monetarily.
    I hate that I didn't take the opportunity to tell my Dad I love him before he died.

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    Popup ads.

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    Moon Skin Child
    I hate school. The kids are just retards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Skin Child
    I hate school. The kids are just retards...
    I used to hate school. the Teachers were all retards.

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    Wow, what a great thread! There are many things I hate!

    Let's see I hate:
    People who lie
    People who expect me to call them all the time but can never pick up the phone to do the same
    Spam email
    People who think they're always right and hardly are
    Mean people
    People who stereotype all the time
    People who have 80 million guys drooling over them and I have none(ok, I don't really hate them, not if they're nice)
    Snotty people
    People who smell bad
    People who go under the speed limit
    Trent Green's wife(j/p, but it would be nice to be her, lol)
    People who hate Lord of the Rings and have never even seen it
    Working, period
    Hearing the same song that I hate every hour!
    commercials every 2 songs on the radio
    the color pink, hahaha. I hate it on myself
    Getting up early in the morning
    Star Trek
    The Tennessee Titans
    The Minnesota Vikings
    My teeth

    Ahhh, nice and long lol. I think that's good enough, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sepialove
    I hate rude phone etiquette!



    "WHO IS THIS?!"...(caller)

    "Who were you calling?"....(me)

    "WHERE IS (so and so)?...(caller)

    "You have the wrong number"...(me)

    Sepia... this is also a huge one of mine.

    So incredibly rude. Ugh.

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    Maybe this is a southern thing, but one thing I hate seeing is:

    a guy who opens the door to his vehicle while sitting at a red light and then spits out tobacco juice and sometimes the entire wad of chewing tobacco on the ground before driving away...

    Soooo gross!

    I get nauseated every time. Where are their manners???

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