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Thread: Deputy Head and Mentor - Mary

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    Deputy Head and Mentor - Mary

    From the official site:

    Mary (Deputy Head and Gene Simmons' Mentor)

    Mary was asked to be Gene
    Simmons' mentor, helping him to understand what was expected of him when teaching at Christ's Hospital. In return, she was invited to visit Los Angeles to gain a better appreciation of his rock star life style, attending the American Music Awards as his guest. She and the pupils somehow managed to fit this in on top of most of their normal school commitments.
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    What a Disgusting School & really a complete loser of a person! For her to put such fear in these kids hearts & heads over nothing! That is the big surprise when you get out of school. ALL OF IT MEANS NOTHING!

    For these little control freak/I hate my life type older people... for them to try to beat down mentially kids FOR NO REASON!

    It is all a joke. All these fake BS rules! From this uptight school - any school in the usa.

    It is all one big joke!

    Any Kid in school now, believe me to dont listen to ANY of your wacky teachers and their fake stupid rules! Sure comon sense is always great, we all know right from wrong. Thats common sense.

    These kids on this show are what 12 years old? They already have had it beaten in their head BS Rules from Old Losers.

    Rules that when your 18 & out of school you will never ever think of again. Your just listening to old losers who hate their own lives & where they are at. It is all Ego from the Old Losers! NO ONE else in the world listens to them. NO adult ever takes them seriously, so they have to rule kids with a iron hand.

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    Well, this school to me is just like the Military schools that we here in the US can send young kids to. And I mean young kids, my brother was sent to a Military school when he was in second grade. But he did lay down in front of a school bus to protest having to stay in school unitl 2 in the afternoon. That was just the tip of what he did in second grade. He spent one year in that Military school and that was all it took.

    He still got in trouble after that year, but just not as bad. lol

    I had a teacher in 1969 that was just like Gene, in English Lit. He gave all of us parts to read from Romeo and Juliet. It was very boring that first time. The next day he gave us the same parts, only in our teen language at the time. We did an awesome job with that script!! It also helped us so much to understand the original way Romeo and Juliet was written. But he got in trouble for it, because he did actually allow us to use words, like swear words, that wasn't allowed in the classrooms.

    Oh well, I think Gene's doing a great job!!

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    I actually go to this school, its pretty funny looking at the comments

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    Feel free to dish the "dirt" or just to give us some more info on life at your school!
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    Theres not much to say..

    except it seems very set up

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    I also go to the school like Jezz and it is nothing like what you see on tv.

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