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Thread: GAME: The person below me...

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    Here's a picture of the full Chinese Orchestra:

    I used to play this:

    I've not bought any card yet... oh oh...

    Can TPBm tell me what is a Kubuki performance?

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    I believe it's mostly a facial/movement performance with singing and that white make up.

    Does TPBM remember my first avatar with light and dark make up on?

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    I've never heard of such a performance... but sounds Japanese.

    mm... when I came your AV was a picture of a woman resembling you, if I don't remember wrongly.

    Does TPBm like to change AVs often?

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    TPAM has a good memeory. Yes, that woman was me.

    I would change my avatar more often if I didn't have to resize it, etc.

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    That was you? I thought it was an actress
    Yeah the resizing is a bother. But I just use Paint and edit it.

    TPBM saves pictures from the web which she thinks are nice.

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    Opps, the current pic is not me. The one with the girl sitting on the grass, with the light pink dress spread out on the ground, eyes closed and smelling the flowers was me.

    Is TPBM good at keeping secrets (yours or someone elses?)

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    That sounds like a really pretty picture! I'd love to see it

    We-ell, I'm not sure about the secret part. Dex would have something to say about this

    In real life I am very good at keeping secrets

    TPBM is a fan of scary movies.

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    No I'm not. I complained and whined to my friend the whole day because he made me watch Dawn of the Dead. Silly little movie, if you ask me.

    TPAM is really 'good' at keeping secrets
    TPATPAM, you know we have to see that pic

    TPBM is forgetful.

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    What did you say? I can't remember. : I'm not forgetful.

    I'll try to dig up that avatar pic from last year. After school is over, next week, I'll try to change my avatar.

    TPBM enjoys chocolate.

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    I'll be waiting for that pic

    Yes I enjoy chocolate but I try not to eat too much

    TPBM takes health supplements.

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