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Thread: The Celebrity Matchmaker

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    FORT Fogey
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    The Celebrity Matchmaker

    Take the quiz at:


    My celebrity match is Ben Affleck!

    Ben Affleck

    Lucky duck! You get tall, dark, and handsome celebrity stud Ben Affleck as your dream date (too bad you couldn't get lifelong best bud Matt Damon, too, eh?). Talented, clean-cut, ambitious, and as cute as they come, this sweet, slightly goofy preppy is just the Mr. Right you've been looking for. You've always had a weakness for a guy who's a little rougher around the edges, which is why Benny boy is right up your alley. A risk-taker who strikes us as a bit of a devil in disguise, Gwyneth's ex would take you for a walk on the wild side and indulge your inner bad girl. Smile for smile and sarcastic quip for sarcastic quip, we know this Oscar-winning Bostonian would show you a good time.

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    The Truth Is Out There ixcrisxi's Avatar
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    Cristina, your match is Sting!

    Every breath he takes, every move he makes — you love watching Sting, your celebrity match. The sexy English crooner is all man, from his wolfish smile to his oh-so-muscled chest. And talk about talented! Not only is he a hugely successful singer, but he can act, too (our favorite role? Billy Idol in that old Saturday Night Live skit).
    MULDER: It's still there, Scully. 200,000 years down in the ice.

    Leave it there.

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    hee Mdrio9's Avatar
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    Drew Barrymore

    How can you not love Drew Barrymore? Ever since she phoned home with E.T. at age seven, the spunky, down-to-earth flower child has been utterly captivating — and she's your celebrity match. This is one free-spirited California girl who seems to have a very Zen-like approach to life. Sure, she's married to MTV wild man Tom Green, but that just makes her seem all the more accessible — if a goofy-looking oddball like him can score a cute chick like her, then we all have hope, right? Of course, it's easy to believe a natural sweetheart like Drew would go for personality over looks. She's been through enough (addictions, rehab, a failed marriage) to know that it's what's beneath the surface that really counts. Which is why you can't resist her — you've always been a sucker for the hippie chick with a heart of gold. This charmer is definitely a keeper!

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    can i have your heart? unexplained's Avatar
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    Yay!!! Jumps up and down. Prancing around room.

    Yee haw! Congratulations, y'all — Texas charmer Matthew McConaughey is your celebrity match. Blond and beautiful, this laid-back good ol' boy has a melt-your-heart smile and soulful eyes. He's a fast-talker who sees himself as a salesman — doubt he'd have to try very hard to sell himself to you! You can't resist his down-home twang or rugged good looks, not to mention his wild side. This bongo drum-playing bad boy likes to live life to the fullest, something the two of you have in common. He's all about living "in the now," a spontaneous, easy-going dude with plenty of moxie. So what if he's a little dazed and confused? You just know you could make him sit up and pay attention. Good luck!
    You select the person you want to be with, and then you let that person have the opportunity to select you. -Shayla

    "The mind is its own place, and in it, self can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." -John Milton, Paradise Lost.

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
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    In a movie

    Brad Pitt

    We can hear your heart fluttering from here. Yes, it's true — Hollywood golden boy Brad Pitt is your celebrity dream date. This outrageously handsome, disarmingly sexy Missouri-raised cutie may have a ring on his finger (he's married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston), but that doesn't mean you can't daydream about a passionate affair. After all, your preference for sensitive, romantically boyish guys means Mr. Sexiest Man Alive (according to People in 1995 and 2000, that is) is right up your alley. We can just tell that his athletic build and clean-cut charm are matched only by his desire to keep you satisfied (look what he did for Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise!). Sure, he dressed up as a giant chicken to make money when he first moved to L.A., but that smidge of goofiness intrigues you, doesn't it? We can just picture a perfect date between the two of you. Imagine a night at the drive-in: one milkshake, two straws. Need we say more?
    “In Rrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soliders don’t vant to be general.” Sasha Pivovarova

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    Mel Gibson

    Adorable? Check. Good body? Check. Sexy accent? Well, not anymore, but you could always rent one of his old movies. That's right — sigh-worthy Aussie import Mel Gibson is truly What Women Want, and he's your celebrity match! (Okay, so he was really born in New York, but we'll always think of him as the stud from Down Under.) Fun-loving and spontaneous, this sexy, blue-eyed star of Chicken Run and The Patriot is right up your alley. (And, oh, that smile!) You've always had a soft spot for the golden boys, so you can't resist this high-spirited practical joker. Sure, it'd be a shame to break up his family, and the seven kids might cause a twinge of guilt, but we think you deserve him. Now, if only we were in charge of these things!
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Russell Crowe

    Who's that hunka, hunka burnin' love? That's easy, mate — it's Russell Crowe, your perfect celebrity match. The latest Wonder from Down Under, the studly Aussie has what it takes to get your pulse thumping. You can't resist his stubbled chin and manly physique, especially when he's sporting those teensy gladiator outfits. (We won't even mention that sexy accent...) And his bad boy reputation drives you wild. No poetry-reading, doting sensitive guys for you. No problem: Amusing and charming one moment, ready to bust some heads the next, Mr. Crowe is a passionate, intense fella. No wonder Meg Ryan fell for him! He's multi-talented, too. Not only is he a top-notch actor (check out L.A. Confidential for proof), but he plays guitar, sings, and writes lyrics for his own rock band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Confident, outspoken, and tough as nails, he's the ultimate rebel. Think you could tame him? Good luck!

    More people like you:
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    6% Russell Crowes

    The World:
    5% Russell Crowes

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    Shhh it's a secret
    This is about right!

    Dylan McDermott

    Order in the court! Yeah, we mean you. We know it's exciting that Practice hottie Dylan McDermott is your celebrity match, but for heaven's sake, calm down. After all, the TV lawyer may be tall, dark, handsome, smart, suave... Actually, on second thought, woo hoo! Celebrate all you want; this brainy babe (and ex-fiancι of Julia Roberts) is exactly the right kind of guy for you — you love men who sweep you off your feet with their words, not just their biceps. We can just picture the two of you on a date: candlelight, a vintage wine, a deep discussion about literature or foreign film. Definitely swoon-worthy. He may be married (and a daddy!) in real life, but in the TV show in your head, we the jury find that this bright East Coast hunk is all yours.
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    Oh for the love of Pete...

    Tiger Woods

    Congratulations — you just scored a hole in one! Golf prodigy/Nike pitch-man/all-around cutie Tiger Woods is your celebrity match. Not only is he a links superstar — he's won practically every tournament he's ever entered as a pro, including the Masters Tournament and the U.S. Open — but he's got a Stanford-quality head on those polo-shirted shoulders, too. That combo really melts your heart (the great smile, come-hither eyes, and hefty bank account don't hurt, either). This born winner is one fella you definitely don't want to let get away. But since you've always had a soft spot for the sporty ones, we're sure you knew that already. So pat yourself on the back for getting matched with the talented Tiger. After all, one round with this above-par catch, and we're sure you'd feel like a champion.

    Honestly, I think I'm the one person on the planet who *doesn't* like Tiger Woods. And I'm not a gold-digger. Blah.

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    C'mon Without Cmon Within QuinntheEskimo's Avatar
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    I WIN, I WIN, I WIN!!!!! woohoo!!!

    Quinn, your match is Anna Kournikova!

    Game, set, match! You won't mind scoring "love" with tennis hottie Anna Kournikova across the net. The teenage bombshell is a ball of fire with looks and talent to spare. Sporty — she got her first tennis racket when she was five — sultry, and oh-so-sexy, she's exactly what you're looking for. Read more about your celebrity match...

    wait... does this mean i like shallow women??? or is anna hiding something??

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