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Thread: Tell Me Why

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    Re: Tell Me Why

    Because a lot of TV executives are morons.

    Tell me why people who are obviously smart enough to have a great job to buy an expensive car are some of the stupidest drivers on the planet?
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    Re: Tell Me Why

    I'm not going to judge I just make it a point to drive to the best of my ability any time I am out on the road

    Tell me why certain shades of color have the ability to lift your spirits.

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    Re: Tell Me Why

    It's not so much the color that lifts your spirits but the associations you have with that color. For instance, a sunny spring day might make you happy because the temperature is pleasant outside, maybe there's a fun holiday that time of the year (like Easter), there are new plants bursting out and baby animals being born. You associate the color of your favorite item (bright yellow for the sun, pale blue for the sky, crisp green for the budding grass and plants, etc.) with the positive feelings you're having and then when you see that color in the future, it triggers your memory of that happy day and lifts your spirits.

    Tell me why etiquette seems like it's dying away. Is it because parents don't have time to teach their kids how to behave, because the kids just don't care, or because most of the etiquette lessons are outmoded and not relevant to today's technology (after all, how many people still send letters through the regular mail)? Has expressing your individuality eclipsed the importance of acting on the greater good for everyone?

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