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Thread: GAME: who are them?

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    GAME: who are them?

    Hello everybody!

    Let's see if you guys REALLY love reality television! Here are 54 people from reality shows all across the world. Can you find out their name and the show they played? But be carefull, some of them are really hard to discover.

    P.S.: I was thinking about the season each one played, but it would be too hard.

    Good Luck!!

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    Re: GAME: who are them?

    I only recognize a few! Thanks for really stumping me, gagerred! This will take some thought.

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    Columbia, MD

    Re: GAME: who are them?

    B1 is from Age of Love. I think her name is Jen.
    A5 is from More to Love. Don't remember her name.

    only ones I can figure out.

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