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Thread: The Survivor Personality Quiz

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    On the mat

    The Survivor Personality Quiz

    Taking a page from the Survivor bios, I thought it might be interesting to see everyone's favorites. So, just cut and paste this into a new message, and answer these questions:

    Board Games:
    Computer Games:
    Sports Teams:
    TV Shows:
    Types of Movies:
    Types of Music:
    Types of Books:
    Sunday Paper:
    Sections of Paper:
    Breakfast Foods:
    Snack Foods:
    Candy Bars:
    Alcoholic Drinks:

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    On the mat
    Colors: Blue
    Scents: Food
    Flowers: Orchid
    Board Games: None
    Computer Games: The Sims
    Sports: Sailboat racing, golf, football
    Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    TV Shows: Amazing Race, Survivor, Alias, Scrubs
    Types of Movies: Action, Comedy
    Movies: The Usual Suspects
    Actors: Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson, Arnold S.
    Actresses: Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Bridgette Fonda
    Types of Music: Rock
    Bands/Singers: Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Limp Bizkit
    Magazines: US News, Time, TV Guide, Conde Nast Traveler
    Types of Books: Horror
    Books: Twilight Eyes, The Stand
    Authors: Dean Koontz, John Sandford
    Sunday Paper: None
    Sections of Paper: None
    Breakfast Foods: Eggs & Toast
    Sandwiches: Roast Beef
    Dinners: Steak
    Meats: Beef
    Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts, Peas
    Fruits: None
    Snack Foods: Everything! Potato chips, Pringles
    Candy Bars: Hershey's
    Desserts: Chocolate pudding
    Alcoholic Drinks: Coors Light, Rum & Coke
    Non-Alcoholic: Pepsi

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    right behind you
    Colors: Green
    Scents: On hubby it's Mesmorize (an Avon cologn) On me it's a cheap little calgon body spray Hawaiian Ginger. On my kids it's when they come in from playing outside in Autumn.
    Flowers: Believe it or not, dandilions before they go to seed. To recieve A bunch of wildflowers, no real favs.
    Board Games: Hmmm, This is a tough one. I enjoy scrabble, but I am not very good at it Trivial persuit.. same deal.
    Computer Games: None really
    Sports: Enjoy watching and playing soccer
    Sports Teams: none, but have to cheer for the 'Skins and the Orioles
    TV Shows: Lots!
    Types of Movies: Action but only with a lot of comedic elements in them
    Movies: hmmmm. I'll have to think about it. Suprisingly my favs are probably not the action ones
    Actors: I'm digging Heath lately. Gibson, Thornton, Chan, Hoffman, too many..
    Actresses: I don't like actresses... don't know why Couldn't be jealously... could it?
    Types of Music: Classic Rock
    Bands/Singers: Springsteen, Beatles, Santana, Joel
    Magazines: Uhg... hate to admit it, People
    Types of Books: Mystery
    Books: Green Mile, The "Prey" Series
    Authors: Steven King, John Sanford
    Sunday Paper: Washington Post
    Sections of Paper: Style (for the Style Invatational)
    Breakfast Foods: Cereal
    Sandwiches: Grilled cheese (when I was a carnivor it was roastbeef)
    Dinners: Fake meat Taco's
    Meats: no thanks
    Vegetables: Corn on the cob, spinache with lots of butter
    Fruits: fresh oranges
    Snack Foods: Cool ranch Doritoes
    Candy Bars: Uhg, I hate to say it and wouldn't for a survivor ap. but it's Snickers
    Desserts: Vanilla cake with Chocolate icing. Home made, not store bought, their icing is nasty.
    Alcoholic Drinks: Nope
    Non-Alcoholic: Pepsi, water

    I HATE MY ANSWERS! I'm such an Aries though, that I have to post them NOW NOW NOW!!!!!
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    For Your Entertainment lobeck's Avatar
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    Right here, right now
    Colors: Really depends on the object in question
    Scents: Coffee, freshly cut grass, vanilla (I'm not including specific perfumes/colognes)
    Flowers: Peach roses
    Board Games: Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, Monopoly, Pictionary
    Computer Games: No real favorite
    Sports: Pro football, College basketball/football, Pro Tennis, Most Olympic sports
    Sports Teams: Atlanta Braves, New Orleans Saints (but I don't lose too much sleep if they lose )
    TV Shows: Survivor, The West Wing, Will & Grace, Changing Rooms, So Graham Norton...God, I could go on and on...
    Types of Movies: No objections to any type, really
    Movies: Steel Magnolias, Dead Poet's Society, The Color Purple, Baby Boom, Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert...again, I could go on and on and on...
    Actors: Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Rupert Everett
    Actresses: Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Maggie Smith
    Types of Music: Pretty much anything except heavy metal and "gangsta" rap
    Bands/Singers: Too many to mention
    Magazines: Out, Vanity Fair, Details
    Types of Books: Pretty much all types
    Books: The Secret History, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked
    Authors: John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, David Sedaris
    Sunday Paper: Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal
    Sections of Paper: Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Front Page
    Breakfast Foods: Breakfast Burritos
    Sandwiches: Grilled ham & cheese, Turkey & cheddar on an onion roll
    Dinners: Lots of favorites...Haven't had beef stroganoff in a while, though...yum
    Meats: Turkey, Chicken, the occasional steak/hamburger
    Vegetables: Corn, Spinach, Potatoes
    Fruits: Navel oranges, grapes, bananas
    Snack Foods: Chex Mix, chips & salsa
    Candy Bars: No real favorite
    Desserts: Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Chocolate ice cream
    Alcoholic Drinks: Vodka & Tonic, Cape Cod, White wine, Champagne, Mimosa
    Non-Alcoholic: Iced Tea, Coca-Cola (currently Vanilla Coke)

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    dallas, fer sure
    Colors: sky blue
    Scents: cinnamon; fall on crisp, cool days; perfume: 5th avenue; cologne: drakkar.
    Flowers: gerbera daisies
    Board Games: candyland, mousetrap
    Computer Games: dungeon siege, redmoon, dark age of camelot, the sims, medal of honor
    Sports: hockey and pro football... but only if i'm bored.
    Sports Teams: dallas stars, dallas cowboys and houston texans
    TV Shows: smallville, buffy the vampire slayer, the bachelor, dawson's creek, survivor, friends, will & grace, do over.
    Types of Movies: i like pretty much everything but horror.
    Movies: dangerous beauty, sliding doors, girl, ever after, gladiator
    Actors: johnny depp, nicolas cage, tom welling, steve zahn
    Actresses: christina ricci, dominique swain, parker posey
    Types of Music: rock, alternative rock, dance, bluesrock
    Bands/Singers: incubus, ian moore, krezip, nina gordon, chris cornell, alice in chains, john mayer, jonny lang, beth hart, heart, counting crows
    Magazines: people
    Types of Books: fiction and literature
    Books: a prayer for owen meany, world according to garp, age of innocence,
    Authors: john irving, edith wharton
    Sunday Paper: if i got it, dallas morning news
    Sections of Paper: front section and crossword/horoscope section
    Breakfast Foods: slimfast is what i drink, what i like? biscuits, bacon, french toast
    Sandwiches: subway club or, if homemade, just turkey or grilled cheese
    Dinners: fish - preferably filet of sole, garlic mash potatoes.
    Meats: ribeye
    Vegetables: green beans
    Fruits: strawberries, apples, bing cherries, grapes
    Snack Foods: starbursts, red hots, granola bars, nutri-grain bars
    Candy Bars: reese's pb cups, whatchamacallit, fifth avenue
    Desserts: candy
    Alcoholic Drinks: champagne
    Non-Alcoholic: water

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    For Your Entertainment lobeck's Avatar
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    Right here, right now
    Ooooh...thanks for the reminder, Sher...I forgot about Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...YUM!

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    dallas, fer sure
    indeed... and this time of year, you can get the MEGA reese's in the form of a pumpkin! YUMMMMMM... more peanutbuttery!

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    The new me! Feifer's Avatar
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    Colors: Red
    Scents: babies(clean), rain
    Flowers: whit roses
    Board Games: trivial persuit
    Computer Games: FORT
    Sports: Figure skating
    TV Shows: Judging Amy
    Types of Movies: Almost all
    Movies: What Dreams May Come
    Actors: Andr Brougher,Robin Williams, Robert Deniro, Al Paccino
    Actresses: Charlese Theron, Ashley Judd
    Types of Music: almost anything that does not yell profanity
    Bands/Singers: Michael Card, Dan Fogelburg
    Magazines: O and Rosie before she pulled the plug, people
    Types of Books: Mystery, Biography
    Books: Daughter of Fortune Elizabeth Allende
    Authors: Steven King
    Breakfast Foods: Rasin bran crunch mixed with good start
    Sandwiches: Turkey breast with red bell pepps on potato bread with mayoand black pepper
    Dinners: Chicken tortilla soup from boston market.
    Meats: turkey, hot links
    Vegetables: sugar snap peas
    Fruits: Dried mango, banana
    Snack Foods: trail mix
    Candy Bars: snickers, milk choc
    Desserts: Moolenium crunch ice cream by blue bell
    Alcoholic Drinks: fuzzy navel, ameretto sour
    Non-Alcoholic: Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango Cocktail, Chai tea

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    42 22' N 71 2' W
    Colors: black & red
    Scents: fresh baked bread, cut grass, coffee
    Flowers: not really a flower - bonzai trees
    Board Games: monopoly
    Computer Games: NHL 2001, Doom, Test Drive 5, Unreal, Diablo2
    Sports: Hockey, football
    Sports Teams: Avs, Bs, Pats, Cowboys
    TV Shows: Survivor, Buffy, just about anything on Discovery
    Types of Movies: Horror, suspence, comedy
    Movies: too many
    Actors: Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins
    Actresses: Jodie Foster, Laure Dern
    Types of Music: Rock
    Bands/Singers: too many
    Magazines: Maxim, Stuff, FHM
    Types of Books: horror, suspense
    Books: Jaws, Jurassic Park
    Authors: Benchley, King, Crichton
    Sunday Paper: Boston Herald, Boston Globe
    Sections of Paper: sports
    Breakfast Foods: just about any type of eggs
    Sandwiches: turkey breast, tuna
    Dinners: boiled lobster, shrimp scampi, linguini & clam sauce
    Meats: Beef
    Vegetables: potato, carrots
    Fruits: pears, bananas, oranges
    Snack Foods: doritos
    Candy Bars: snickers, whatchamacallit
    Desserts: chocolate cake
    Alcoholic Drinks: beer (many), rum & coke
    Non-Alcoholic: coffee, Mountain Dew

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    dallas, fer sure
    ooh... totally left out more fave dinners (as i was reminded by JR's post)

    lobster bisque
    and lobster.

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