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Thread: The Survivor Personality Quiz

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    Up Where They Belong SurvivorGirl's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    San Francisco
    Colors: Blue and red
    Scents: none
    Flowers: none
    Board Games: Monopoly
    Computer Games: Warcraft 3
    Sports: Soccer
    Sports Teams: none
    TV Shows: Survivor, American Idol
    Types of Movies: Romantic comedy
    Movies: A Walk to Remember, How to Deal, Legally Blonde
    Actors: none
    Actresses: none
    Types of Music: Everything except rap
    Bands/Singers: Mandy Moore
    Magazines: none
    Types of Books: none
    Books: Someone Like You, Speak, Catalyst, A Walk to Remember
    Authors: none
    Sunday Paper: none
    Sections of Paper: none
    Breakfast Foods: bacon
    Sandwiches: roast beef
    Dinners: burgers
    Meats: steak
    Vegetables: carrots, potatoes
    Fruits: strawberries
    Snack Foods: none
    Candy Bars: Crunch
    Desserts: ice cream
    Alcoholic Drinks: none
    Non-Alcoholic: all kinds of soda

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    Great Idea John!

    Colors: Blue
    Scents: Vinilla
    Flowers: Roses
    Board Games: Outburst, Catchphrase
    Computer Games: Based on Gameshows, Rollar Coaster Tycoon, The sims
    Sports: Tennis
    Sports Teams: NY Knicks
    TV Shows: See Sig
    Types of Movies: Any
    Movies: Hardball, Finding Nemo, A Walk to Remember, Monsters Inc
    Actors: No favorites
    Actresses: No favorites
    Types of Music: Mainstream
    Bands/Singers: Too Many
    Magazines: US Weekly, OPM, Tennis
    Types of Books: Nonfiction, Mystery
    Books: Ordinary People, I dont mean to be rude but........
    Authors: Judith Guest
    Sunday Paper: NYPOST
    Sections of Paper: Entertainment
    Breakfast Foods: Pancakes, Toast
    Sandwiches: Burger King's Savory Mustard Chicken Sandwich
    Dinners: Anything with Pasta
    Meats: Filet Migone
    Vegetables: Broccoli, Tomato, Cucumber
    Fruits: Watermelon, Pinapple
    Snack Foods: Original Goldfish
    Candy Bars: Almond Joy, Crunch, Snickers, Twix
    Desserts: Cheesecake's Factory Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
    Alcoholic Drinks: None
    Non-Alcoholic: Water/Orange Juice

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    FORT Fanatic echo1960's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Colors: Olive green,purple
    Scents: Patchouli
    Board Games: Trivial Pursuit
    Computer Games: Mahjongg,Bejeweled,Slurp
    Sports: Baseball,Baseball and Baseball
    Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals
    TV Shows: TAR,Big Brother,ER.The shield,Nip-Tuck,NYPD Blue
    Types of Movies: Action Adventure
    Movies: Triple X,too many to list
    Actors: Bruce Willis,Mel Gibson,Vin Diesel
    Actresses: ?
    Types of Music: Alt Rock
    Bands/Singers: Audioslave,Staind,Pink Floyd,Led Zep.............
    Magazines: T.V. Guide.Tattoo
    Types of Books: Medical suspense or true medical
    Books: The Sinner
    Authors: Tess Gertisen
    Sunday Paper:None
    Sections of Paper: Legal
    Breakfast Foods: Don't eat breakfast
    Sandwiches: Veggie delight's
    Dinners: Mac and cheese
    Meats: Don't eat meat
    Vegetables: Beets,Corn,Taters,Spinach,fres h green beans
    Fruits: Ruby red grapefruit,watermelon,peaches
    Snack Foods: Chips and popcorn
    Candy Bars: KitKat
    Desserts: Peach Pie
    Alcoholic Drinks: Jager,Bud Lite
    Non-Alcoholic:Diet Dew

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