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Thread: The Survivor Personality Quiz

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    FORT Spaghettio Shayla's Avatar
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    Well, why not? This'll be a good entry for the 200th post mark. Go me!

    Colors: british race car green, orange-lined sunset clouds
    Scents: orange blossom (flower water, not perfume), the lingering smell of shaving cream on a man's face (big turn-on)
    Flowers: poppies, tulips, daphne
    Board Games: Settlers of Cattan, Anti-monopoly
    Computer Games: adventure quest games
    Sports: biking, hiking, swimming
    Sports Teams: LA Lakers (Kobe...), Portland Blazers
    TV Shows: Simpsons, Boston Public, Buffy, Survivor
    Types of Movies: Arthouse, Comedy, Thriller, SF
    Movies: Breaking the Waves, Contact
    Actors: Gary Oldman, John Malkovich, Kevin Spacey
    Actresses: Emily Watson, Christina Ricci, Jodie Foster
    Types of Music: hip-hop, funk, bluegrass, worldbeat, folk rock, indie, more...
    Bands/Singers: The Microphones, Dar Williams, Catpower, Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson
    Types of Books: SF, poetry, narrative fiction, humorous essay
    Books: ...meh...let me get back to you...
    Authors: Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Denise Levertov, J. Keats, Terry Pratchett
    Sections of Paper: front page, travel, food, crossword, movies, "I Saw You"
    Breakfast Foods: belgian waffles, eggs over-medium on toast
    Sandwiches: mozarella/tomato (on french bread, "pressed")
    Dinners: sushi, thai, greek, turkish, middle eastern, and anything prepared by someone else (except for my mother...I don't think I've ever had Romanian food, actually)
    Meats: freshly caught salmon, grilled
    Vegetables: anything except celery
    Fruits: figs, pears, peaches
    Snack Foods: taro chips, aged cheddar cheese puffs, olives
    Desserts: figs, glutinous rice desserts, chocolate, sweet creamy drinks
    Alcoholic Drinks: tequila, glenlivet, porter on nitro
    Non-Alcoholic: iced tea, juice, rice/almond milk
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    Not the regular cabana boy
    Congrats on post #200, Shayla!
    When you're ten years old and a car drives by and splashes a puddle of water all over you, it's hard to decide if you should go to school like that or try to go home and change and probably be late. So while he was trying to decide, I drove by and splashed him again. - Jack Handey

    Read Paulie's Precaps for Survivor:Vanuatu: 1-2-3-4-5

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    FORT Spaghettio Shayla's Avatar
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    Thanks bunches, Paulie!

    I seriously didn't think I'd be around for this long. FoRTers are too cool. So I'm sticking.

    I'm also procrastinating...

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    I haven't answered this one, either. I don't know what to put in for half of the answers!

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    Originally posted by Shayla
    Tash, I love the Monkey Island games!!!
    So far, the only people I know who play Monkey Island are my cousins and my brother. The rest of the people I know have NEVER heard of the game series!

    I haven't played Monkey Island 1 and 2 myself, just Monkey Island 3 and 4 (which I haven't completed yet. I'm almost done but I'm stuck!) but I have watched my cousin play MI1 as well as 2. The storyline for MI1 is good, but it takes quite some time to get used to the graphics. Hehe.

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    My turn then. A lil insight on my Survivor personality.

    Colors: Blue and Red

    Scents: Food stuff

    Flowers: I have no favourites in particular. Roses are nice.

    Board Games: Snake and Ladder and Checkers

    Computer Games: The Sims

    Sports: Soccer, Netball, Basketball, and Floorball

    Sports Teams: Manchester United

    TV Shows: A whole lot.

    Types of Movies: Romantic comedies.

    Movies: Youíve Got Mail. Chinese movies too.

    Actors: For now, Adrien Brody. Johnny Depp

    Actresses: Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon

    Types of Music: Pretty much anything except heavy metal.

    Bands/Singers: Too many. No Doubt, Sixpence None the Richer

    Magazines: I only read Seventeen

    Types of Books: Romance

    Books: A whole lot of romance novels Ė historical and contemporary ones.

    Authors: To name some, Amanda Quick, Judith McNaught, Nicole Jordan, and Jennifer Weiner

    Sunday Paper: Only Straits Times.

    Sections of Paper: Pretty much glancing of every section and thoroughly reading the current affairs. Life! included.

    Breakfast Foods: McDonaldís pancakes. Anything mom serves at the breakfast table.

    Sandwiches: Tuna

    Meats: Chicken. Iím not fussy on what kind of meat I eat. No fish please.

    Vegetables: Iím fine with anything. Iím not anti-vegetable. I was a pretty obedient kid and ate almost any veggies.

    Fruits: Peaches and bananas

    Snack Foods: Potato chips, M&Ms

    Candy Bars: Milo chocolate bars, Hersheys

    Desserts: Any Swensens ice cream on the menu. Too many I can indulge in.

    Alcoholic Drinks: I donít drink.

    Non-Alcoholic: Honeydew juice, Homemade Ice Lemon Tea. recently Vanilla Coke
    You select the person you want to be with, and then you let that person have the opportunity to select you. -Shayla

    "The mind is its own place, and in it, self can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." -John Milton, Paradise Lost.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Re: The Survivor Personality Quiz

    Colors: Red
    Scents: All kinds of fruit and flowers
    Flowers: Lady Slipper
    Board Games: IQ, The Timeline Game
    Computer Games: Tetris
    Sports: Tennis
    Sports Teams: ???
    TV Shows: Survivor, TAR, Big Brother
    Types of Movies: Comedy, Drama, something with a plot
    Movies: ???
    Actors: ???
    Actresses: ???
    Types of Music: R&B, Soul, Rap
    Bands/Singers: Musiq, Luther, Nas, Jaheim, Eric Benet
    Magazines: Source, Vibe, XXL
    Types of Books: Non-Fiction
    Books: Love them all!
    Authors: plenty
    Sunday Paper: New York Times
    Sections of Paper: front section
    Breakfast Foods: Hash Browns
    Sandwiches: Cucumber, sprouts, and turkey
    Dinners: Chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas
    Meats: Ham
    Vegetables: Cucumbers, peas, corn, asparagus, etc. - pretty much like all vegetables
    Fruits: kiwi and raspberries
    Snack Foods: honey buns and peanut butter M&Ms
    Candy Bars: Snickers
    Desserts: Cheesecake
    Alcoholic Drinks: I don't drink alcohol.
    Non-Alcoholic: Milk, Snapple, Kiwi Strawberry soda.

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    Colors: Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Orange
    Scents: none
    Flowers: dark rose
    Board Games: don't play
    Computer Games: Counter-Strike!!!!
    Sports: Soccer, BAsketball
    Sports Teams: Chelsea!!
    TV Shows: Survivor, AI3, OC
    Types of Movies: Action, Horror, Suspence/Thriller, Comedy
    Movies: "THe eye 2" "Ju on"
    Actors: Vin Diesel
    Actresses: anybody, no specifics
    Types of Music: Punk rock, ska, hard rock, hip hop, rap
    Bands/Singers: THe ATaris, linkin park
    Magazines: playboy no but really ... PC gaming
    Types of Books: comics
    Books: Slamdunk
    Authors: none
    Sunday Paper: don't read
    Sections of Paper: ""
    Breakfast Foods: kaya toast
    Sandwiches: any sort
    Dinners: anything
    Meats: all
    Vegetables: kimchi...
    Fruits: no preference
    Snack Foods: chips, chocolate (kinder bueno )
    Candy Bars: ""
    Desserts: ice cream
    Alcoholic Drinks: Heineken Beer, bloody mary's
    Non-Alcoholic: sprite ice, vanilla coke

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    Colors: blue, yellow
    Scents: coffee
    Flowers: Gerbera daisies, castle pinks
    Board Games: clue
    Computer Games: N/A
    Sports: track and field, gymnastics
    Sports Teams: Alabama Crimson Tide
    TV Shows: Survivor
    Types of Movies: All except for romance and drama
    Movies: Finding Nemo
    Actors: Adam Sandler, Russel Crow
    Actresses: Julia Stiles, Uma Thermon
    Types of Music: Jazz, R&B
    Bands/Singers: DownRight
    Magazines: N/A
    Types of Books: All except romance
    Books: Andrew Henry's Meadow
    Authors: N/A
    Sunday Paper: Crimson Times
    Sections of Paper: Comics
    Breakfast Foods: oatmeal, smoothies
    Sandwiches: BLT
    Dinners: tortolinni soup
    Meats: fish
    Vegetables: carrots, bell peppers
    Fruits: mango, pineapple, coconut
    Snack Foods: Cheez-Its
    Candy Bars: white chocolate Reeses, Crunch
    Desserts: cheesecake, key lime pie
    Alcoholic Drinks: N/A
    Non-Alcoholic: virgin pina coladas, coffee, fruit juices

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    Colors: None really
    Scents: Chocolate probably... perfumes/colognes tend to make me sick
    Flowers: pretty ones?
    Board Games: Cranium
    Computer Games: anything in the FORT games forum
    Sports: Baseball
    Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (unfortunately)
    TV Shows: The Apprentice, Survivor many other reality shows
    Types of Movies: Comedies
    Movies: Shrek
    Actors: Meh
    Actresses: Meh
    Types of Music: Almost anything, usually Christian contemporary
    Bands/Singers: Salvador
    Magazines: Anything involving a reality tv show article
    Types of Books: Good ones
    Books: Left Behind series
    Authors: Robert Munsch (Can you tell I work with kids)
    Sunday Paper: Don't read it
    Sections of Paper: If it's a real newspaper (not the local crap I get here) then the news section... but I couldn't care less about someone's 90th birthday party
    Breakfast Foods: French toast
    Sandwiches: Peanut butter and banana
    Dinners: Lasagna
    Meats: Turkey, Chicken
    Vegetables: Eating vegetables is just cruelty... why does no one stick up for the poor defenseless vegetable?
    Fruits: Banana
    Snack Foods: Cool Ranch Doritos
    Candy Bars: Aero, Aero mint, After Eight
    Desserts: A nice moist chocolate cake
    Alcoholic Drinks: I don't drink
    Non-Alcoholic: Coca-Cola (always coca-cola)

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