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Thread: The Survivor Personality Quiz

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    FORT Fogey MollyRose's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2003
    New Mexico
    Colors: Teal
    Scents: clean babies, baking bread, gardenia
    Flowers: Pink roses, iris, tulips
    Board Games: SCRABBLE!! Taboo, Trivial Pursuit
    Computer Games: Text Twist, Canasta
    Sports: uh....hmmm....well...
    Sports Teams: no thank you
    TV Shows: Survivor, ER, Globe Trekker, cooking shows
    Types of Movies: Musicals! I like 'em all though!
    Movies: Princess Bride, Wizard of Oz, too many more to mention!
    Actors: Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Brenden Frasier
    Actresses: Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman
    Types of Music: Anything but rap and heavy metal
    Bands/Singers: Sting, Billy Joel, Eva Cassidy, Sarah MacLaughlin (sp?)
    Magazines: Premiere, Cooking Light, People
    Types of Books: Relationship/family stories
    Books: The Poisonwood Bible, The Secret Life of Bees
    Authors: Barbara Kingsolver, Elizabeth Berg
    Sunday Paper: Albuquerque Journal
    Sections of Paper: Arts, Trends
    Breakfast Foods: French Toast, crunchy hash browns, good coffee
    Sandwiches: Roast beef and brie on a croissant
    Dinners: Filet Mignon, Lobster, grilled sweet potato, salad w/blue cheese, dessert
    Meats: Filet Mignon
    Vegetables: Sweet potato, spinach (not canned!), asparagus
    Fruits: Nectarines, watermelon
    Snack Foods: soy beans, almonds, guacamole & chips
    Candy Bars: Peanutbutter Twix, almond roca
    Desserts: So many desserts, so little time...
    Alcoholic Drinks: Margaritas, Colorado Bulldog, gin & tonic, good wine
    Non-Alcoholic: Pepsi One, chai, carmel machiato from Starbucks

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    Premium Member glennajo's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    middle of nowhere
    Colors: red and purple
    Scents: lilac, macintosh apple, hazlenut coffee
    Flowers: tulips, hydrangea
    Board Games: scrabble, trivial pursuit
    Computer Games: mahjong solitaire
    Sports: nascar, nfl
    Sports Teams: tennessee titans
    TV Shows: survivor, will and grace, er
    Types of Movies: drama
    Movies: the color purple, tombstone, gone with the wind, when a man loves a woman.
    Actors: kurt russell, jack nicholson, harrison ford, tommy lee jones
    Actresses: meg ryan, sandra bullock
    Types of Music: anything i can sing to
    Bands/Singers: reba mcentire, nelly
    Magazines: rosie, til it went under
    Types of Books: crime, mystery, horror
    Books: travels- crichton, fried green tomatoes- flagg
    Authors: king, patterson
    Sunday Paper: evansville courier (indiana)
    Sections of Paper: ads, comics
    Breakfast Foods: biscuits and gravy
    Sandwiches: wendy's double stack w/cheese add mayo
    Dinners: ham and beans, and cornbread
    Meats: ribeye med. well
    Vegetables: anything grilled
    Fruits: bananas, oranges
    Snack Foods: popcorn
    Candy Bars: snickers w/almonds or mars
    Desserts: chocolate cheesecake
    Alcoholic Drinks: bloody mary, tanquaray and grapefruit juice
    Non-Alcoholic: dr pepper, sweeeet tea

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    Premium Member dagwood's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2003
    salt lake city ut
    Colors: blue purple red green
    Scents: Drakar Noir
    Flowers: White Rose
    Board Games: Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit
    Computer Games: Sims
    Sports: Baseball
    Sports Teams: Cubbies of course
    TV Shows: Survivor, American Idol,
    Types of Movies: Comedies
    Movies: Don't Tell her it's Me, Yours Mine and Ours
    Actors: Mel Gibson, George Clooney,
    Actresses: Lucille Ball
    Types of Music: I like all music, but mostly I like 80's hair bands
    Bands/Singers: White Lion, Rick Springfield, Styx, Bon Jovi
    Magazines: People, Readers Digest
    Types of Books: Mystery
    Books: The Stand, the Stephanie Plum series
    Authors: Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell
    Sunday Paper: Salt Lake Tribune
    Sections of Paper: Local, National, Comics
    Breakfast Foods: Bagel
    Sandwiches: Peanut Butter, Egg Salad
    Dinners: Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, peas
    Meats: Steak
    Vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini
    Fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges
    Snack Foods: Chocolate
    Candy Bars: Milky Way
    Desserts: cheesecake
    Alcoholic Drinks: Long Island Ice Tea
    Non-Alcoholic: Diet Pepsi

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    In a movie
    Colors: Red, Grey
    Scents: Miracle by Lancome, Cool Water by Davidoff, Fifth Avenue by Chanel, Flower by Kenzo (I could go on!)
    Flowers: Daisies
    Board Games: Game of Life
    Computer Games: Any Sims game
    Sports: Touch Rugby!
    Sports Teams: Arsenal (Soccer)
    TV Shows: RTV, Friends, Scrubs, Simpsons
    Types of Movies: varies
    Movies: Primal Fear, Erin Brokovich, Broken Arrow, Pretty Woman
    Actors: Edward Norton, John Cusack
    Actresses: Julia Roberts
    Types of Music: varies
    Bands/Singers: Matchbox 20, Ashanti, No doubt
    Magazines: Time, Elle
    Types of Books: varies
    Books: Virgin Suicides, Agatha Christie books
    Authors: Agatha Christie
    Sunday Paper: no pref
    Sections of Paper: Lifestyle
    Breakfast Foods: coffee, sandwich
    Sandwiches: cheese and omelette
    Dinners: korean food, lasagna (yum)
    Meats: chicken
    Vegetables: celery
    Fruits: almost all, grapes, apples esp
    Snack Foods: apple chips! Ice cream
    Candy Bars: troblone (sp, ie the triangle shaped one), Skittles, Hershey's dark chocolate
    Desserts: Ice Cream (sorbets esp!)
    Alcoholic Drinks: none
    Non-Alcoholic: coffee, cream soda
    “In Rrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soliders don’t vant to be general.” Sasha Pivovarova

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    Orly Watcher 3bears's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    At home, occasionally
    Colors: all shades of blue
    Scents: vanilla
    Flowers: day lily
    Board Games: prefer card games
    Computer Games: no time to play
    Sports: thoroughbred racing
    Sports Teams: Carolina Panthers (will they ever win?!)
    TV Shows: Amazing Race, Survivor, The Mole
    Types of Movies: action
    Movies: Rainman, the James Bonds, Matrix
    Actors: Tom Hanks, David Duchovny, Jimmy Stewart
    Actresses: those Disney heroines
    Types of Music: blues, rock, jazz,
    Bands/Singers: Clapton, Crowded House
    Magazines: Vanity Fair
    Types of Books: Mysteries
    Books: far too many to list
    Authors: ditto
    Sunday Paper: the funnies, editorial page
    Sections of Paper: letters to the editor
    Breakfast Foods: anything with syrup on it
    Sandwiches: turkey and bacon
    Dinners: steak, corn on the cob, green salad, home-made mac and cheese
    Meats: rarely
    Vegetables: corn, broccoli, beets, fresh green beans
    Fruits: pears, strawberries
    Snack Foods: popcorn
    Candy Bars: anything with dark chocolate
    Desserts: chocolate chocolate chocolate
    Alcoholic Drinks: manhattan
    Non-Alcoholic: ice water
    Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.
    ~ Crowded House ~

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    get it off! StevieM's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    inside my computer silly
    Board Games:
    Computer Games:
    Sports Teams:
    TV Shows:
    Types of Movies:
    Types of Music: Classic rock - metal - some rap - soft rock-
    Bands/Singers: Staind, Jim Morrison, Matchbox Twenty, Aerosmith
    Magazines: anything P.C related, Cosmo, Rollingstone
    Types of Books: criminal law related - autobiographys
    Books: IT - Steven King - forget others right now..
    Authors: Steven King - James Patterson - Ann Rule
    Sunday Paper: Boston Globe
    Sections of Paper: everything but sports and obituaries (sp)
    Breakfast Foods: rice krispies - soggy toast with strawberry jelly
    Sandwiches: grilled peanut butter and marshmello (yummy)
    Dinners: Lasagna, lobster pie
    Meats: roast beef
    Vegetables: carrots
    Fruits: pears
    Snack Foods: honey roasted peanuts
    Candy Bars: zagnut bars
    Desserts: strawberry shortcake (now I'm gettin hungry)
    Alcoholic Drinks: budlight - tequilla <-just 2!)
    Non-Alcoholic: coffee or vanilla shakes
    So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
    ~ Christina Aguilera

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    get it off! StevieM's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    inside my computer silly
    OK you know your tired when you can no longer post something correctly.
    ah well.
    niterz ...
    So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
    ~ Christina Aguilera

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    I'll make the world pink Koko833's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Colors: Pink
    Scents: Vanilla, Curve for men, and Elige
    Flowers: Tulips
    Board Games: Life, Guess Who, Monopoly
    Computer Games: Worms Blast
    Sports: Soccer
    Sports Teams: Cardinals, Rams
    TV Shows: Ed, Survivor
    Types of Movies: Romanitc Comedys
    Movies: Ever After, Sabrina, Harry Potter, LOTR
    Actors: Heath Ledger
    Actresses: Drew Barrymore
    Types of Music: Pop and 80's
    Bands/Singers: Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer
    Magazines: YM
    Types of Books: Murder mysterys/ suspense
    Books: Any Patricia Cornwell, and Harry Potter
    Authors: Patricia Cornwell, JK Rowling
    Sunday Paper: None
    Sections of Paper: Comics
    Breakfast Foods: Croissants
    Sandwiches: Fried Bologna
    Dinners: Mexican, Christmas
    Meats: Beef
    Vegetables: Asparagus, green beans, potatoes
    Fruits: Gooseberries
    Snack Foods: Hash Browns
    Candy Bars: 3 Musketeers, Plain Hershey
    Desserts: Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream
    Alcoholic Drinks: Margarita, Boone's Farm Hawiian Island
    Non-Alcoholic: Vanilla Coke and Dr. Pepper

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    Glad 4 Vlad! :) Tigrazhia's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2003
    Good ole I.E, Southern California.
    Hey this looks like fun Okey here goes it:

    Colors: Blue
    Scents: Opium
    Flowers: Lily of the Valley
    Board Games: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly
    Computer Games: Neverwinter Nights, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, Age of mythology ... oh and soooo many many more...
    Sports: hmmm I like to WATCH baseball...live
    Sports Teams: Anaheim Angels
    TV Shows: COPS, Six Feet Under, Survivor, AI
    Types of Movies: Romances, Comedies
    Movies: Sabrina, Bridget Jones, Office Space, Sound of music.. and more.....
    Actors: Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen,
    Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp
    Actresses: Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Julie Andrews, Juliette Binochet, Andie MacDowell
    Types of Music: Country & heavy metal (What a combo)
    Bands/Singers: Clay Walker, Trick Pony, Van Halen, Ozzy
    Magazines: Writer's Digest
    Types of Books: Classic literature & fantasy books
    Books: The Sun Also Rises & others by Hemingway.
    Authors: Ernest Hemingway
    Sunday Paper: LA Times (if any)
    Sections of Paper: Classifieds (jobs) & cartoons!
    Breakfast Foods: Protein shakes (Im on the atkins diet)
    Sandwiches: none at the moment ... atkins
    Dinners: hotdogs, burgers protein style, chinese food .... anything meaty.
    Meats: chicken & pork
    Vegetables: Green peas, Broccoli, carrots
    Fruits: apples (not at the moment tho..)
    Snack Foods: string cheese, lunch meats ...
    Candy Bars: the advantage bars :-D
    Desserts: sugarfree Jello & whipped cream
    Alcoholic Drinks: Guinness, tequila or flavored vodkas.
    Non-Alcoholic: Crystal Light, diet Sunkist
    "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    dallas, fer sure
    alright dagwood! another drakkar fan!!

    mmmmmm wynd. love string cheese.

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