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Thread: FORT Mad Libs

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    I'll shorten the list to the ones that are remaining so it'll be easier to complete the list:

    17. Name a FORT member
    44.FORT name

    I havent put the words in yet but I think it'll be a goofy story ... lol

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    17. Name a FORT member amna
    33.Noun stethoscope
    44.FORT name

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    37.noun - puck
    44.FORT name Ducky

    don't keep rhyming

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    Wynd... we should have the story pretty soon right? Can't wait!
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    I love Mad Libs... how the heck did I miss this thread?

    My darn life gets in the way of all the important things!

    Can't wait to read the story
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    I'm bumping this thread because I can't wait for Wyndemere to post the FORT mad lib!

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    Yeah I was just wondering about that the other day. Thanks for the bump glennajo! Can't wait to read it.
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    I'm really sorry I haven't posted this sooner, the last 3 weeks or so I've had computer problems (got that nasty microsoft imposter virus) & haven't been able to stay on it long enough to complete anything at all lol... but now I'm good to go and here's the story:

    (After this if someone else wands to do another Madlibs that would be cool, I know there's lotsa inventive minds in this place. If not I'll write another sometime soon.)

    Ok here goes:

    Welcome to the enormous FORT messageboard.

    We have a lot of fun on this soft place. Most of us have a homicidal rage towards reality TV shows, and like gossiping about them, especially about Butch Lockley who is a popular chat topic on the FORT.
    We're a sweet group of people, especially Wolf who is totally out of control. We were all friends at one point, until Paulie was caught smooching with Amazon Rob
    and John went insane with jealousy!! He hopped in his Volkswagen Beetle and went to visit Jenna from Survivor to plan revenge. Fluff, Bill_in_PDX, Monica Lewinsky and Shayla were all on John's side while the rest of the FORTers supported Paulie because they didnt see anything wrong with the situation.

    In the middle of all this naughty war, amna saw the opportunity to sneak away with Bob Barker to join TAR5 while everyone was busy arguing. The team made seventh place and won 26 cents and a trip to the school lavatory
    with Pee Wee Herman and Heath Ledger.
    They also won a signed stethoscope from Johnny Depp for being randy.

    Back at the FORT, it was chaos. Rox hit Mdrio9 in the head with a trampoline while Jeff Probst joined the fight and knocked glennajo's lights out, and that was the end of this bizarre quarrel.
    shersidhe called up Kelly Clarkson and sang on the phone to her, wondering if she had potential to be the next American Idol. Kelly was very senile on the phone & said shersidhe sounded like a duckbill platypus and should consider calling up the Animal Planet instead.

    In the meantime, william8686 was packing and preparing himself to go on Survivor. Their luxury item was a sticky puck with sulphuric acid on it, and apart from that the only things he packed was his ball pean hammer and his toilet roll. He said while he was away, what he would miss the most from home would be his pet hyena, Hugh Jackman and the FORT. Ducky and Leo drove him to the airport on their pogostick, but underways they were pulled over by the police for speeding, causing william8686 to lose the plane and with a diabolical face he had to return back home.

    As a comforting prize, all the FORTERS had taken up a collection, and with the total of 57,000 dollars they were able to get him an exclusive boulder and all of a sudden he was happy he had missed Survivor!

    "There is no place like this tasty FORT," william8686 cheered as they toasted his homecoming with an exciting FORT concoction consisting of Liquid Drano and lube oil.

    (Mmmmmm yummy)
    The End.

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    Thanks for typing that all up and posting that Mad Lib story, Wyndemere. I love it, it felt like a blast to the past, because I can remember doing Mad Libs with all my friends in elementary school.

    Very funny to imagine a Paulie/Amazon Rob/John love triangle.

    I love this tasty place!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    That was great, Wyndemere--we're ready for the next installment--no pressure
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