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Thread: When was the last time you ....

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    a jumble of useless facts gracie's Avatar
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    Three weeks ago. I wrote my grandson. He's in the first grade and needs practice with his writing so he writes me and it's no fun if the person you write to doesn't write back.

    When was the last time you got a speeding ticket?
    There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. -Ken Olsen

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    Never even gotten one, for two reasons: I don't drive that much (as I don't have my own car), and enforcement of speeding laws here is very lax, to say the least.

    When was the last time you something expensive (above $500)?

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    Come Along, Pond phat32's Avatar
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    Hi, Olivia!
    1993. Harry Connick, Jr., at the Shoreline, Sunnyvale, California. (It was a summer of love, man. Beautiful people standing in the rain and mud and just feeling the love from Harry, man.)

    When was the last time you drove somewhere on vacation?
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but...the bad things donít always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    Last time I went on vacation was this week! VEGAS, BABY!!

    Met my best friend on Monday and drove home with him yesterday. I'm having serious neon withdrawal. Ate too much good food, hung out by the pool drinking peach Margaritas and went to both Cirque du Soleil shows and had drinks afterward with some of the cast - very fun!

    Let's see...back to the game...

    When was the last time you laid in the grass and watched clouds?

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    funny you mentioned the clouds Molly. I swear I was going to ask almost the same thing (looking at clouds and them "turning into things"
    that's something I often did as a kid and do every once in a while now.

    I have been taking it easy today (sick) and laying out in the sun.

    Not in the grass but, close enough. Looking up at the clouds and doing what I did as a kid.

    I'm suppose to be raking but, I love just laying out in the sun.

    So, today would be my answer. :cool:

    When is the last time someone said something to you that made you blush???

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    I blush a lot... lol...especially when people give me compliments.
    I've recently added a blue stripe in my hair and I'm still getting used to being "brave" enough to walk around with it, so whenever people mention it I still turn slightly red... so ...
    last time I blushed? Last night....

    When was the last time you said something you shouldn't have?

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    (trying to keep this thread on page one)

    Last time I said something I shouldn't have.......

    I'm very opinionated so this is a tuffy for me......

    20 minutes later............


    an hour.....

    musta been when I was sleeping....I don't remember!

    OH just thought of one.......I said yeah it was good when it wasn't....(hope that's not too fresh)

    When was the last time you
    farted in front of people (I'm bad today) and I hate the word fart.

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    oh my

    Well..err... we were at the bookstore.... like....2 weeks ago maybe...and I snuck out one of the deadly silent ones... and we all know the silent ones are the dangerous ones and this was no exception... lol I was really good at keeping a straight face too, and my hubby actually accused the lady next to me ....

    I came clean to him tho lol .....



    When was the last time you bought a DVD? (what was it?)

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
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    In a movie
    XXX, pretty good

    When was the last time you cried because you were happy?
    ďIn Rrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soliders donít vant to be general.Ē Sasha Pivovarova

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    When Manchester United(My fav football team) won Premiership crown 2003!

    When was the last time you felt the world was unfair only to you?

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