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Thread: When was the last time you ....

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    can't recall that ever happening...

    WWTLT you had a brain-freeze?

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    A couple of years ago. I forgot which flavor the ice-cream was.

    WWTLT you dialed the wrong number and hung up when someone answered?

    (Good night for now!)

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    maybe a few months ago? i got nearly all my numbers in memory, so i never have to dial in the numbers, just punch in the name.

    WWTLT you ate in a restaurant and the food/service was so bad, that you complained to the manager?

    (Gd Nite to U'z)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    I was asking Border Evil what he wanted to post before.

    Yes? Yes?

    Well I think I adjusted the time thingy so hopefully that works when posting

    *looks at last reply*

    lemme think.......
    I did have Bacon at a resturaunt frequented that I thought was HORRIBLE!
    They claim the bacon was fine (YEAH RIGHT) so each time me and my roomie go there I always jokingly order Bacon.......NOT!

    WWTLT you tested the colognes/perfumes on yourself? Meaning actually sprayed it on yourself? No whiffing of noses or spraying on pieces of papers coounts..

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    Can't say that i remember, i only buy one specific brand of cologne, so i never really need to 'test' it, so wouldn't exactly be sure when the last time i did that

    WWTLT you wrote an essay, any essay.

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    I would have to say when I was in college....

    WWTLT you picked off a grape w/o paying at the supermarket?

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    Haha...... good question!

    last time i went to the supermarket i guess, which was maybe 7-10 days ago...i do that all the time haha... i pick off any freebies as well, you know when they are giving away free samples or something, or when they have littles bits of him for "tasting" i grab like half the plate

    WWTLT you pulled an all-nighter?

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    Wanted to while camping but it was too cold and I was too drunk. So before that was prolly after grad

    WWTLT you had a lot of fun?

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    Last Weekend....had a performance, and then a good night out partyin

    WWTLT you went to a movie and found it so bad, that you walked out of it mid-way (what movie was it too)?

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    I have never walked out on a movie, but I should've done it to Mission to Mars

    WWTLT you ate soup

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