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Thread: Commercial you love, commercial you hate

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    Regarding the vague prescription drug ads you all were mentioning, if an advertiser promotes a drug and describes what it's for and it's benefits, the advertiser must also disclose side effects and contraindications. These are called "fair balance" regulations. "Reminder" ads that only mention the drug's name are exempt from "fair balance" regulations. Pharmaceutical companies use the reminder ads to circumvent the "fair balance" regs and downplay the negative aspects of the drug.

    Some drug advertisements, such as one for Allegra, were removed because the content of the commercial (a woman strolling through a wheat field without sneezing) made it easy to decipher what the drug was for (allergies) but the ad didn't mention side effects.

    Probably more than you all wanted to know, but figured I'd share.

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    I love the Coors Light commercial about "Wingman". Cracks me up everytime. Doesn't make me want to drink Coors Light though.
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    Best: HP Photosmart photo printer commercials.
    Worst: any Donald Trump commercial.
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    Best: The Raisin Nut Crunch cereal commercial were "Johnson" can't hear that he's fired, because of the crunching of the cereal. The newest one were the boss is dancing because he believes "Johnson" is gone cracks me up.

    Worst: Cheesy lawyer commercials "Have you been injured in an accident? Blah, blah, blah blah blah." :phhht

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    Favorite Commercials: 2 of them: Any AFLAC commercial and the new Quizno's commercials with the talking Baby Bob

    Least favorite commercial: Can't remember what its for but it has something to do with "odors during that time of the month" and some lady is going up to other women in the "feminine aid" section and asking them if they are worried about odors..........HELLO!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
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