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Thread: Dream Inventions

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    Dream Inventions

    Is there an "Invention" you're waiting on?

    Be crazy, creative and have fun!
    I'll start ...

    My "Dream Invention" would be...
    A candle with a "Paint" scent...

    My house would always smell new and clean, with that "freshly painted" scent.
    I have no idea how that could ever be, because the candle would probably have to contain paint, and if you light the candle, that sucker would blow the roof off the house.
    Then again, if the house caught on fire you would have to re-paint, but first you'd have to re-build.
    I guess that explains why the candle will never be and that people must paint instead.
    How about a "Pine-Sol" Candle or Air Freshener?
    I'm good with that, if it's Non-Flammable~~

    Inventions... this reminds me of the "Jump To Conclusions" mat that Smykowski came up with in the movie "Office Space" *See Below*

    Office Space Movie Quotes:

    Michael Bolton: You think the pet rock was a really great idea?
    Tom Smykowski: Sure it was. The guy made a million dollars. You know, I had an idea like that once. A long time ago.
    Peter Gibbons: Really, what was it, Tom?
    Tom Smykowski: Well, all right. It was a "Jump to Conclusions" mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor, and it would have different conclusions written on it that you could jump to.

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    Re: Dream Inventions

    Cute thread, BoBo!

    I had an idea for string players. I bent paper clips to where mostly they were a straight line, but left enough at the bottom to make a ring at the end of each paper clip. Each individual ring fits my fingers. Then I made little dolls to attach to the paper clips, so when you play, it looks like they're dancing. You can dress the dancers appropriately...say you're playing a Irish jig, you can dress the dolls accordingly. It looks a lot cuter than it probably sounds.

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    Re: Dream Inventions

    to both of you.......I want a car that needs an ID and breathalyzer of the driver before it can be driven. No teenager would be able to drive over the speed limit and I might be able to get a decent nights sleep.

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