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Thread: Personality Tests used to Read Applicants' Minds

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    Personality Tests used to Read Applicants' Minds

    I have NO idea where this subject belongs: HERE, Games or Current Events. Move at will, Mods.

    This mornings headline in our free paper THE RED EYE, has an article on the increased use of job applicants taking personlaity tests so that future employers can see beyond work experience and into what really makes a person "tick".

    It's a massive article, arguing both the pros and cons and on one of the side boxes, they have a link for anyone to take a FREE 60 question Personality Test.

    Here's the link: http://www.brainbench.com/xml/bb/com.../freetests.xml
    You have to register (so what else is new) but the quiz is interesting in what it says about you and they offer many other free quizzes on personality.

    I took mine and it was helpful in that it substantiated my quixotic personality. I say I'm shy, my friends deny it, and the test said I'm both. I say I'm a wall flower, my friends say I'm the life of the party, the test said I"m both. So, I guess it's at least helpful in honoring both halves of a person, if that's where you come from.

    I'd like to see if others have equally truthful analysises of themselves or if it's so much hoo-ey.

    Note: You're emailed the results because once you leave the page, your information is erased by the company.

    P.S. edited to say: In the "Fun" quiz section, they have wonderful tests on Harry Potter, Buffy, I Dream of Jeannie and a host of other quizzes! For what it's worth, I got 8 out of 8 on both scores. Now I need to get a life beyond the Hellmouth and Hogwarts!
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    Wow, interesting. I'd say mine was a pretty good interpretation of how "I" see myself.

    Extroverted, Considerate and Abstract off the chart.

    A tad impulsive, excitable and practical.

    According to this, I should be an asset to ANY company! LOL!

    Now how do I incorporate this in my resume!
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