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Thread: The Mafia: Fortskill

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    KYLIE AND MIKE RULE ALL!! RiddleMeThis's Avatar
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    Congrats to the winners and good luck on who you nominate i hope it's not hard.

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    Congrats winners! That was a good challenge, but ANTM, is it possible to get a rundown of who got voted the most in each category?

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    Kris&Jon 4 Life Nikki_Brandon's Avatar
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    Great challenge ANTM...Yeah could you post who got the highest votes in each category?
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

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    JESSICA: #1 AntmSTarTa's Avatar
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    Well if this task was in the Mole game and you were required to choose the majority, you would've failed. Out of 10 questions, 4 of them were ties. In that case, I gave points to anyone who answered either answer.

    1. Who does the majority think is involved in the Mafia? (3pt)
    Nikki_Brandon - 7 votes
    manjalteng - 7 votes

    GlitterxGold - 3 votes
    CallieCutie - 1 vote
    2. Who does the majority think is a Cop? (3pt)
    Estquer - 8 votes
    r0guish - 8 votes

    RiddleMeThis - 2 votes
    3. Who does the majority think does the most suspicious activity? (2pt)
    AIWANNABE - 13 votes
    cowchpotaytoe - 4 votes
    PtonKD21 - 1 vote
    4. Who does the majority think is smartest? (1pt)
    AntmSTarTa - 9 votes ( You guys are such suckups)
    Bambi - 7 votes
    Darkensoul7 - 2 votes
    5. Who does the majority think will be executed first? (3pt)
    lopevian - 7 votes
    DoeBoy - 7 votes

    baskiddball - 4 votes
    6. Who does the majority think will win the whole game? (2pt)
    r0guish - 8 votes
    Nikki_Brandon - 6 votes
    RubenIZMyne - 4 votes
    7. Who does the majority think will be missing in action? (1pt)
    PtonKD21 - 6 votes
    il2az7 - 6 votes

    RiddleMeThis - 4 votes
    lopevian - 2 votes
    8. Who does the majority think will win the most challenges? (2pt)
    AIWANNABE - 9 votes
    manjalteng - 3 votes
    baskiddball - 3 votes
    Estquer - 3 votes
    9. Who does the majority think will drop out of the game? (2pt)
    TARfan_Carrie - 12 votes
    CallieCutie - 3 votes
    Bambi - 2 votes
    DoeBoy - 1 vote
    10. Who does the majority think will talk the most? (2pt)
    AntmSTarTa - 9 votes
    GlitterxGold - 8 votes
    cowchpotaytoe - 1 vote

    The only reason I put myself as one of the choices is because I needed everyone to be put twice to make it fair. I didn't expect you guys to pick me for anything though

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    Why did you guys have to say you thought I was a cop now I'll be the first target of the mafia

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    FORT Fogey
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    Why did everyone think I would be executed first? You mean... you... don't... like me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntmSTarTa
    9. Who does the majority think will drop out of the game? (2pt)
    TARfan_Carrie - 12 votes

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    everything under the sun lopevian's Avatar
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    Congratulations to the winners!

    So....1st executed and a possible MIA!

    "...Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder..."

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    Haha wow lots of ties! I loved how you, ANTM, put yourself as answers. When I saw that, they were like giveaway answers... I mean you ARE the host so you should be smart and most talkative hehe!

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    Wow! To the two who voted for me to drop out, you don't know this old lady then! The only reason I would miss something in this game is because they moved it to the other game forum. But I swear, there was a reality game I watched on tv that was about a murder in the town and you had to solve it. I can't remember the name of the show. Maybe since this show is based on a card game it was moved.

    I'd only drop out of a game for an extreme emergency. I never give up. If I had to get up at 3am, just to get a challenge in or a vote, I would. I'm a tough old bird!

    Congratulations to the winners! Make good choices!

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