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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    my list:

    12. Noelle
    11. Tiffany
    10. Lluvy(it wasn't THAT bad!)
    09. Naima
    08. Keenyah
    07. Tatiana
    06. Kahlen
    05. Rebecca
    04. Michelle
    03. Brandy
    02. Christina
    01. Brittany(yay! she actually came with a good pic this week)

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    1. Kahlen (most fierce)
    2. Michelle (most angelic)
    3. Keenyah (2nd most fierce)
    4. Brandy (most venomous, and literally too LOL)
    5. Tiffany (a little too safe, but still sexy)
    6. Rebecca (blah, but pretty)
    7. Christina (nice, finally, face, but didn't like the legs)
    8. Tatiana (too stiff, her signature blue eyes weren't present)
    9. Lluvy (definitely not worst photo in history of ANTM, but still pretty bland and unnatural)
    10. Brittany (too unnatural, unconvincing)
    11. Noelle (scared lion, scared model)
    12. Naima (her worst photo so far - she looked scared, she looked insecure, she looked opposite to graceful, she looked like she didn't care!!!)

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    Zodiac shoot

    12.Noelle-She looks lost and out of place.
    11.Naima-Not confident in her pose, not the right pose for her sign.
    10.Lluvy-The elements were against her. I blame Mathu once again.
    9.Tiffany-Great full body, but her close-up shows no emotion in her face, the make-up hides it well tho.
    8.Brandy-It wasn't working for me, it just wasn't popping.
    7.Rebecca-Not a bad picture, but similar to the others. I blame Jay because he pigeon-holed her, if she looks to sweet, why make her Virgo the ethereal virgin?
    6.Keenyah-Fierce in the face, but the pose doesn't do it for me.
    5.Brittany-Girl has come bounds from last week. Awesome picture.
    4.Michelle-She is growing on me, she looked the part and the pose is dynamite.
    3.Kahlen-Epitome of beauty, but her body is odd, and she doesn't know what she's doing.
    2.Christina-She did librans justice! She like Brittany has shown great growth.
    1.Tatiana-The hardest one to master because hers required two great shots and she did it flawlessly.

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    my ranking:

    12: Lluvy- Her eyes look so droopy that I can't even focus on anything else (a lot of it is the makeup, i know, but still). I wonder if it would have been better if she was looking in the camera?
    11: Noelle- She looks comepletely lost and the photo bores me
    10: Brittany- Her picture is LEAPS and BOUNDS better than previous weeks, and she is a pretty girl, but she doesn't do it for me.
    9: Naima- I love this girl and think she would be a great model but those dead hands and that scared face don't produce a good photo.
    8: Tatiana- I don't know why the judges liked this picture. I feel that the arched back is way too much and it didn't need to be so exaggerated. Plus, the more i look at her, the more i see the scrunched face the judges have been talking about.
    7: Christina- I don't think this girl is destined to be a model. She's kind of boring to me too.
    6: Michelle- I think that the full shot is better than her close up...she always has this squinty eye thing going on. It worked in the dog shoot, but this one isn't as good.
    5: Tiffany- It really has nothing to do with her, but the claws really throw this picture off for me. Her close up is really nice though.
    4: Brandy- Attitude aside, she takes a nice shot.
    3: Rebecca- It pains me to do it because I really don't like her, but her shot is pretty good.
    2: Keenyah- She's so photogenic. I love it.
    1: Kahlen-For a girl that seems so shy, she comes alive in front of the camera and takes one hell of a picture

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    FORT Fogey
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    12. Lluvy
    11. Tiffany
    10. Noelle
    9. Naima
    8. Brandy
    7. Rebecca
    6. Kahlen
    5. Keenyah
    4. Michelle
    3. Brittany
    2. Tatiana
    1. Christina

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    12. Lluvy (sorry I really wanted to like it for her sake)
    11. Tatiana
    10. Naima
    9. Brittany (I really like Brittany, but without the slutty she seems to be missing something)
    8.Brandy (looks pissed and up to something)
    7.Tiffany (looks pissed but fierce)
    6. Noelle (I really didn't think it was too bad at all)
    5.Christina (Something about her face this time gave me a strange Norelle vibe)
    3. Michelle
    2. Keenyah (I really like the pose - as a taurus I feel she nailed it)
    1. Kahlen ( I don't like the pose, however, but the face ROCKS - I love this girl)

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    FORT Fogey
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    12. Noelle - It looks like a bad actor in a third rate production of the Wizard of Oz
    11. Tiffany - She looks more manly than Michelle ever has in this photo
    10. Brandy - I get an extreme backwater vibe from her. I hate her facial expressions and her teeth!
    9. Lluvy - I actually don't hate this photo. The eyelashes are strange, but its not horrible
    8. Naima - The pose really stinks and her face looks snarly
    7. Christina - Not digging the pose or the face, but its 'nice'
    6. Kahlen - She's not fully into it, but its a nice photo nonetheless
    5. Rebecca - Its very, very dull. Definately the worst of the best. If she wasn't as beautiful as she is, this photo would be much worse I think.
    4. Tatiana - I don't like this photo a ton, but its definately good. You don't have to like something to know its good. I hate blue cheese, but I can still tell when its 'good'
    3. Michelle - Good overall, but definately greater than the sum of its parts. The face is good, not great, and the pose is ok, but it needlessly hides a small waist and projects manly shoulders.
    2. Brittany - The pose is perfect, but the face isn't quite right. She looks very '60s. The eyes are a fraction away from Christian Dior runway... which some people might not like
    1. Keenyah - Perfect pose, perfect face. Keenyah is purrrfect
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    Zodiac Photo Shoot:

    12. Lluvy
    11. Tiffany (Always like her photos but this is bad, mouth too protruding)
    10. Noelle
    09. Rebecca
    08. Kahlen
    07. Christina (beautiful face, but her pose is ridiculously bad)
    06. Naima
    05. Brandy
    04. Tatiana
    03. Michelle
    02. Keenyah
    01. Brittany
    Could does not mean should

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    12. Noelle
    11. Lluvy
    10. Naima
    09. Brandy
    08. Tiffany
    07. Tatiana
    06. Brittany
    05. Kahlen
    04. Christina
    03. Rebecca
    02. Michelle
    01. Keenyah

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    12. Brandy
    11. Naima
    10. Lluvy
    9. Noelle
    8. Rebecca
    7. Kahlen
    6. Brittany
    5. Tiffany
    4. Keenyah
    3. Tatiana
    2. Michelle
    1. Christina

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