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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    Mimi emansipate
    1st: Naima
    2nd: Brittany
    3rd: Keenyah
    4th: Kaheln

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    caress photoshoot:

    1.Naima- she nailed it face, body, everything!

    2.Brittany- breathtaking was sad to see her go

    Big gap

    3.Keenyah- not bad but she needs to lose weight

    4.Kahlen- terrible facial expression and awkward body position

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    1. Naima: I LOVE everything about this shot. The pose, the face...everything. Even her "worst" shot looked good!

    *big gap*

    2. Brittany: I like the pose (though I dont like her arm) but not really the face.

    *bigger gap*

    3. Kahlen
    4. Keenyah

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    last night's episode:

    1. Naima




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    caress shoot

    4. kahlen- im mad trhat i dont like hers cuz shes my fav
    3. keenyah- not that great
    2. brittany- to bad she left
    1. naima- nailed it!

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    4. Kahlen - Love this girl to death, but hey, gotta be unbiased when judging these photos right? Poor Kahlen; She looked uncomfortable, stodgy, and so darn bland. Kahlen really should have worked this shoot, the makeup on her was great and the dress fit her well.

    3. Keenyah - ...Ew? No not ew to Keenyah but ew to Bertini - something about him just exudes NASTY. Anyway, Keenyah's photo was okay - not great but not too bad either. I wonder if there was lots of airbrushing going on in her tummy area... If you ask me, the judges were wrong on Keenyah's critique. You can clearly see compared to the other photos that there was no interaction going on with the male models. Given, her face doesn't show it but her body posture definitely does.

    Brittany - Before anything, I love her dress - it's so regal, it's hot! Great photo, as almost everyone has mentioned above me, it's too bad that Brittany left. She's really been nailing these photos the past few weeks and has totally transformed from whore-ish to elegantly natural. The only thing I don't like about the photo is the arm, it sticks out like a sore thumb and looks a bit awkward.

    Naima - I adore this photo, I think it's one of the best this season; And I'm saying that in the most unbiased way possible. The body pose is fantastic - they were suppose to show dance, and Naima's pose does that. The face is tremendous - the shoot needed the models to be regal but authentically tribal at the same time, and Naima pulled it off. And Naima's is the only photo so show the men caressing Naima's skin - and isn't that was Caress is all about? Well done Naima! Oh yeah, I do have one small criticism however: her left arm (which is the back arm) looks a bit tenuous once you start paying more attention to that area of the photo. That being said, I would have rather she kept that arm out of sight rather than have it appearing distorted.

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    1. Brittany (stunning, yet again)
    2. Naima (don't like the stare in her eyes)
    3. Kahlen (love her, but she looks uncomfortable)
    4. Keenyah (be gone already!)

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    1. Naima
    2. Keenyah
    3. Brittany
    4. Kahlen

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    Close- up pics

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    Wow, look at how they compare...

    I wish they had kept the mole on Naima's face. It would have fit in with the shot, and they seem to have added a mole (or beauty mark ) to Brittany anyway...

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