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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    1 brittany (hot mama!)
    2 naima (she stepped it up!)
    3 kahlen (she's slipping)
    4 keenyah (she's already gone)

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    1 Naima--Great all around from face to body position. Probably her best shot to date.
    2 Brittany--Also great, and she really did not deserve to go home with such stunning results from this shoot and the last.
    3 Kahlen--Her awkwardness shines through. I also think she's a victim of her styling, which makes her look stern and greasy.
    4 Keenyah--Really bland. Not terrible, but there's no pop. And why is she styled like a 60s housewife?

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    This was easy:

    1) naima...NAILED it
    2) Brittany...looks like a tall Shalom Harlow...nailed it
    3) Kahlen...bad shot for her...but still looks commercial OK
    4) Keenyah... not a BAD picture...just couldn't see it in a magazine... Looks like a tropical senior prom picture.

    (That being said, I thought Keenyah (and I am NOT a fan of hers) looked amazing at the critique: Her "I Dream of Jeanniequa" 'do really de-emphasized her manly mandibles, and I thought she was totally hot during the dance-pose sequence...Good for her. IF only her PHOTOS were that good.)

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    1. Naima: sooooo gorgeous! Her expression, pose, everything is perfect for this shot.
    2. Brittany: same face as all her other pictures, not as graceful as Naima, but still beautiful
    3. Keenyah: she looks like she's just standing there
    4. Kahlen: not a good shot, boht her face and body look awkward

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    Wow, this list is completely unoriginal

    1. Naima-GORGEOUS!
    not even in the same league
    3. Kahlen-normally so photogenic, here meh
    4.Keenblah-why are you even still here?

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    1. Naima/Brittany: Gorgeous all around. That pic would make me look twice if it were in a magazine, maybe get me interested in the product.

    *big honking gap*

    2. Keenyah: Face to die for, not much movement though, which is a minus
    3. Kahlen: She felt uncomfortable, and it shows in the pic.

    In front of panel:

    Keenyah wins hands down. I couldn't take my eyes off her in the panel during the dance off. Stepping in front was a good move.

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    1.Naima- that picture is hot

    2. Brittany- her picture was perfect all around

    3. Keenyah- can not stand her

    4. Kahlen- her picture looks like she is terrified, definitly not one of her best

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    1. Naima: Her body looks so elegant and svelt. Her pose is excellent, so is her face.
    2. Keenyah: Gorgeous face, pose isn't bad, not good either though.
    3. Brittany: I dont like her face much in this shot. Something about it Irks me .
    4. Kahlen: Looks scared, and stiff. Definently one of her weeker shots .

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    1. Naima: This picture is beautiful, both full body and close-up...excellent pose.

    2. Brittany: Full body the picture is pretty, but don't like the close-up that much...great styling, though.

    3. Keenyah: Couldn't choose between the last two...but Keenyah dosn't look as out of place as Kahlen, but it seems to me as if she's not posing at all, and her face looks kind of flat.

    4. Kahlen: She looks akward, and not pretty, really.

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    1. Brittany
    2. Naima
    3. Kahlen
    4. Keenyah

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