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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    The eyes says everything quangtran's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    1.Brit- Surprisingly galmerous
    4.Keengah- One eye looks bigger than the other

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    Water Nymph coftia's Avatar
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    over here!!!
    i do not get how the pix turned out this way... the sun was shining with blue skies and then the pix turned out golden with dark shadows everywhere
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    1. Naima - this pic is hot. makes me want to be one of those guys. her eyes really stare like saying "come over here you bad boy and dance!" Hers is the only that shows dancing and posing. Her pic is the only one too where all the guys can be seen interacting with her. And look at that black guy holding her thigh, Naima didn't even care and just continued bringing a good pic, thats professionalism.

    2. Brittany - Her pic is ok compared to the two other girls left but yeah she looks the same in all her pics.

    3. Kahlen - looks innocent. her makeup made her look pale. and i can only see her two front teeth which made her looks like bugs bunny kinda.

    4. Keenyah - need i say more? .. she's fat and she doesn't look like she's dancing.

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    After seeing the pictures here's my ranking:

    1.Naima- she looks gorgeous in this picture, fierce, confident and sexy.

    2.Brittany-very seductive yet classy

    3 Keenyah-I dont like her but her picture doesn't look too bad

    4. Kahlen-I dont like putting her in last place but this picture was just plain bad and I can't just deny it eventhough I love her.

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    1. Brittany
    2. Naima
    3. Kahlen
    4. Keenyah she just looks dumb

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    1. Naima
    2. Brittany
    3. Keenyah
    4. Kahlen

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    1.Naima-- Very sexy love the face

    2.Keenyah- I had to look at it a 2nd times and it not a bad shoot her face is very pretty but there is not body action going on just looks like she waiting on something to happend.

    3.Brittany- No passion in it very dead pic not one of my best from her.

    4.Kahlen- She is slipping and I hope she can get it together for the cover girl and for the catwalk.

    for now
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    Anya | Kata | Aimee so into you's Avatar
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    Wow this is one of the best shoots! I love how the girls are colour, and the background is sepia! And it sort of vintage-y.

    I CAN"T DECIDE! They look all as good. So do the guys - surprisingly.

    1. Naima Wow, it doesn't even look like her. (Thank god) If I see that photo, it doesn't remind me of Naima, I've got to congratulate you. This is definitely the best shot, and possibly one of the best shots. No more ugly pedestrian Naima. This is a fierce tango chic.
    2. Brittany It does look plain, but this is stunning. Definitely a wrong elimination. Brittany and Naima both scream models. I love it.
    3. KeeenyahI love both of these shots. The problem with Keenyah is, that curly hair makes her so fat and maid like. But here, it's straight! Can you believe that!? And that makes her so beautiful - especially when it's an action shot!
    4. KahlenI thought she was supposed to be like Rondola Garai in Dirty Havana Dancing Nights...whatever, it's a good attempt. Not too bad like as a a single photo, but worst of the lot. She doesn't look too flirtatious here, so...yeah. But I still love you Kahlen. Top 4 and now Top 3! <3
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    1. Naima: captivating
    2. Brittany: elegant
    3. Kahlen: i love the eyes
    4. Keenjaw: i just don't like her face

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    1. Naima - amazingly dynamic. everything about this is good.
    2. Brittany - nice languid sultry
    3. Kahlen - it pains me to put her here, but i can vote honestly. it's not bad overall, but she is capable of better.
    4. Keenyah - gorgeous face and skin, but pose is awful. not dancing. boring.

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