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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    13. Brandy - i keep liking this girl less as the show progresses
    12. Kahlen - the pose seemed boring and the close up didnt help at all
    11. Brittany - looked more pornoish then ive ever seen on any ANTM
    10. Sarah - thought she shoulda stayed
    09. Tiffany - dont get what the big hoopla is about tiffany, she has one look thats about it
    08. Noelle - great body, very forgettable portfolio pics
    07. Rebecca - i think its physically impossible for this girl to look bad
    06. Naima - wasnt feeling this pic to much, but her personal style just came out perfectly
    05. Lluvy - love everything about this girl, except the way she looks
    04. Tatiana - she seems to be the consistently mediocre girl of the bunch
    03. Michelle - i thought she looked amazing but the close up did look kinda pinched
    02. Keenyah - looked like a black martha stewart ... and hot
    01. Christina - i thought she brang it home this week

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    Tiffany is fierce! who cares what haters think!
    13.Sarah-im glad shes gone!
    6.michelle-fiecre this week!
    3.Christina-also fierce!
    2.rebecca-she snapped

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    13. Brittany
    12. Kahlen
    11. Sarah
    10. Tatania
    9. Brandy
    8. Michelle
    7. Lluvy
    6. Noelle
    5. Tiffany
    4. Naima
    3. Rebecca
    2. Christina
    1. Keenyah

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    First of all, thanks Geek The girl for posting this!!

    My favs, best to worse

    1. Keenyah (she looks like the only one who remembered the hot guy watching her)
    2. Tiffany (she smolders, it's very a sensual picture)
    3. Tatiana (same as Tiffany, very nice pic)
    4. Brandy (who knew something that ugly could make it work?)
    5. Noelle (Eyes a little vacant, but the lips show the hint of a smile, so it works for me)
    6. Rebecca (There is something a little slutty in her eyes, which is always nice)

    Big Gap...

    7. Naima (She looks vacant and lost and confused)
    8. Lluvy (uhhhh... whatever)
    9. Christina (deer in headlights, anyone?)
    10. Michelle (She looks like she smells something bad, perhaps hot guy didn't shower?)
    11. Sarah (boring... but very Kelly Osbourne like, who always looks bored)
    12. Kahlen (might have been legally dead during this show, I don't know. This year's Ann?)
    13. Brittany (I'm such a whore, love me. I learned to pose from the girls in my dad's videos.)

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    Please don't muck up the thread with comments on other people's opinions. This is not a discussion thread; read the thread you are posting on. Rank the photos to participate in the game.

    Also, if you see a post by someone with a red username, that person is a moderator. When a moderator posts in a thread with a specific direction, take it seriously if you want to avoid having posts deleted or even being banned temporarily from the site.

    Most of you know how this game worked last cycle, so I'm sure we'll be running smooth from now on. If you have specific questions, please PM bhanson.
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    My picks, from worst to best:

    (And may I just say that this was the toughest ranking yet? Most of the girls look amazing.)

    13. Brittany
    12. Brandy
    11. Sarah
    10. Kahlen
    9. Naima
    8. Keenyah
    7. Noelle
    6. Tiffany
    5. Lluvy
    4. Christina
    3. Tatiana
    2. Michelle
    1. Rebecca
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    Whirl Wind
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    13. Sarah
    12. Brandy
    11. Kahlen
    10. Christina
    9. Rebecca
    8. Naima
    7. Michelle
    6. Tatiana
    5. Brittany
    4. Noelle
    3. Lluvy
    2. Keenyah
    1. Tiffany

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    13. Brittany (Too made up, and the pose is too "posed"; I see a little bit of the pornstar quality that others have cited.)
    12. Christina (Classic face as usual. The eyes are the only good thing in the overall shot, however.)
    11. Lluvy (Eerily attractive, but a little less makeup might have made it better still.)
    10. Brandy (looking a lot like the singer Brandy here; cute, if nothing else. The husky up front, however, is slightly cuter.)
    9. Sarah (Sultry; a little disconnected, but not to a distracting degree. She was RIPPED OFF!)
    8. Tatiana (Cool-a** shot, but what's with the eyes here?)
    7. Michelle (All woman, in a surprisingly sweet photo)
    6. Kahlen (Pretty, albeit very stiff - BTW, am I the only one who sees a younger, pre-breakdown Margot Kidder here?)
    5. Tiffany (Strong, leggy pose... very sexy)
    4. Rebecca (Pinup-girl looks make up for a poorly-blocked pose)
    3. Noelle (Fabulous shot. Where did all that leg come from?)
    2. Naima (Hot - even with the knee-highs)
    1. Keenyah (A stunning, almost effortless look facewise - even if the outfit is... meh)
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    Dogs/Flowers Shoot:

    13. Kahlen
    12. Sara
    11. Christina
    9. Noelle
    8. Michelle
    7. Brandy
    6. Lluvy
    5. Tiffany
    4. Naima
    3. Tatiana
    2. Rebecca
    1. Keenyah
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    Dog Walking/ Flower:

    13.) Brittany
    12.) Kahlen
    11.) Naima
    10.) Lluvy
    9.) Sarah
    8.) Christina
    7.) Brandy
    6.) Tatiana
    5.) Noelle
    4.) Michelle
    3.) Tiffany
    2.) Rebecca
    1.) Keenyah

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